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Safeway’s Sweet AirMiles Deal April 1

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Robert D. Gibb is posting a stunning series of articles on Air Miles on the forum. I found the series very useful and enlightening so I’m posting it on the blog as well. Robert D. Gibb is a Contributing Editor (DRIPs) at the Canadian MoneySaver Magazine. Nothing outstanding in the name brand AirMiles promotions this… Read more »

Dollarama – Thank you for your collaboration

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Jim Squires posted this at fjetsam Every morning I take a little walk over to the block of stores not fifteen minutes from my house. In this little plaza is a dollar store, Dollarama. They’re quite the big chain around here — anyone from Southern Ontario will know what I’m talking about. And yet despite… Read more »

Google Maps Directions: Swim Across the Atlantic Ocean

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Using Google Maps to get directions from Kingston, Ontario to London, England step 17 says “Swim Across the Atlantic Ocean“!! Very weird! And assuming someone’s going to swim, why start swimming from Boston? Wouldn’t New Foundland be a better starting point? Here’s the link to this trip on Google Maps