1. julyprincess

    My subscription doesn’t expire until Dec…although my SPC expires August. Would I end up paying double if I sign up now or should I was until my Lou Lou expires (but then, what if the SPC is not available!)

  2. CCG

    I got mine! ordered it i have been waiting for a long time for this.. and now i can save 10% at zellars

  3. jade

    July Princess – i’m pretty sure that the just tack the extra months on the end of your current subscription…at least that’s what they did for me last time…i think….

  4. Sally

    It says right on them NO ID REQUIRED so all youd have to do is show them that if they ask for id :)

    Radio, they do this to get subscriptions there the only place that offers the VIP if they were to just market it to males it would be a losing offer for them as not many males would take advantage and theres really no cheap males mag offered by Rogers.

  5. sdab

    What does the VIP SPC card get you that the normal one doesn’t, other than not having to provide ID?

  6. julyprincess

    Thanks Jade!

    @sdab = No difference, but those who are not students, can’t use the normal SPC – the VIP is for everyone else :)

    @Tara – I did have an issue once at Zellers where the cashier demanded ID even though I wasn’t required to – I spoke to the manager later and she agreed with me, you don’t need to show id.

  7. hya

    I think it’s absolutely ridiculous that you don’t need to show student ID for a card that says “Student Price Card” on it. I mean getting deals is one thing, but I think it’s jeopardizing the actual reputation of the SPC card. Since this card (the VIP version) is not well-known to retailers, I think it just causes added confusion and LouLou should just offer the regular SPC card.

  8. Catherine L

    I have a problem with people trying to use the regular student price card when they aren’t students. It’s a STUDENT price card for a reason. I’m all for a deal, but I don’t agree with people going above and beyond to take advantage of something, as they do with the regular SPC. EG. If your 12 year old son is the student, and you bought the card for him, then yes, 10% should come off of all his school supplies and clothes etc. Should the Mom get 10% off the women’s high heeled boots, tampons, and hair dye she’s obviously buying for herself? Absolutely not. Really makes me angry.

  9. Abby1

    @julyprincess: Thanks for the info :-) I always get the regular SPC card and was wondering if there were any other perks with the VIP SPC card, other than not showing id. Thanks!!

  10. 2010

    I completely agree with Catherine. This is probably the reason I am forced to show I.D. even though I’m obviously a highschool student. Yes, I realize this is a student card and I.D. is required, but if I don’ t have my I.D. on me, they won’t accept my license which has my birthyear, and shows I’m obviously young enough to be a student in highschool!

  11. Dlipu

    to the comments for those against non-students using the VIP card if you look at the new list of retailers. Rexal isn’t hoping on board to get the student customer they’re hoping onboard to draw all the moms who spend $75 every few weeks at Shoppers on promo days. SPC card is expanding because its getting away from just being a ‘student’ card.


    I ordered about 2 weeks ago right when it came out!? how long does it take to come?

  13. Sally

    I dont see why people are mad that they have a vip. Thats like saying I hate that you get savings to. Share the love yeesh!

  14. Elizabeth

    I agree with Sally, what’s wrong with having extra savings? I do get annoyed at my mom for trying to get me to get the 10% discount for the things she buys at Zellers, but that’s why I got her the VIP SPC.

    If they just offered the normal SPC, they wouldn’t get the boost in sales since only a limited amount of students would buy it (very little I imagine since the $10 gift card deal is more appealing). Also, it says on the bottom of the card exactly what the VIP card does, it makes the card usable with NO STUDENT ID REQUIRED, no cashier should be confused even if they never heard of it.

  15. Shawna

    I ordered this, got my bill in the mail, but no magazine and no VIP card yet. Does anyone know how long it usually takes? Would be good to use for my kids’ back-to-school shopping!


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