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McDonald’s Mondays: And the healthiest item on the McDonald’s Menu is…


A hamburger! That’s right, just a classic, plain ol’ run of the mill hamburger. Not a salad. Not a yogurt. Not even the Filet-o-Fish. According to an admittedly unscientific study conducted by (they relied solely on McDonald’s published nutrition facts), the classic, affordable, and still delicious hamburger is the best thing on the menu.

Want to know where everything else landed? Check out their complete article profiling the 5 best and 5 worst items on the McDonald’s menu.

It should probably be noted that the info they referred to is the US nutrition facts. Would anyone be interested in SmartCanucks putting together a similar article focusing on Canadian McMunchables?


McDonald’s Mondays: Nothing Can Kill the Grimace

The Grimace has a long and sordid history that one of these days we’ll address here in a McDonald’s Monday post. But today? Today we’re going to enjoy a little Kevin Smith.

The above clip is from the incredibly short-lived Clerks: The Animated Series. If you’re a fan of Smith’s work it’s well worth checking out. I’ve been recycling some of the jokes from it amongst friends and co-workers for years. In the scene above, the local chief of police is addressing the crowd… but he was on his way to a costume party. Not pictured in this clipp is the mayor, on his way to the same costume party, trapped in a Mayor McCheese outfit.


McDonald’s Mondays: How much value is there to an Extra Value Meal?


Sometimes it seems like getting a combo in a fast food restaurant is a no brainer. You want a complete meal, so why not just order the #3? Fries, drink and a sandwich, and it shaves a little of the cost off of ordering the pieces individually… doesn’t it?

A few weeks ago The Consumerist reported on a McDonald’s in Edmond Oklahoma that was charging $4.09 for a McChicken Meal. The problem? The components in the meal only came to $3.49 when purchased seperately. They’re actually charging you 60 cents more to make it a meal.

This isn’t an isolated incident, either. I had noticed the other morning that it’s cheaper to order my breakfast in pieces than in a meal. If you want a Sausage McMuffin (no egg), hash brown and a large Diet Coke for breakfast (I like soda, get off my back) you’ll be paying $3.99 for the meal plus a little extra to upsize the drink. But individually? $1.39 for the Sausage McMuffin, $1.29 for the hash brown, and $1 for any sized drink this summer brings the total cost to $3.68. See? Cheaper. Now try explaining this to the person on the other side of the counter.

While problems like this aren’t likely well-spread, it’s certainly a reminder that everything on the menu isn’t always what it seems. Next time you visit your local fast food joint, do some basic math before you place your order.


McDonald’s Mondays: BAD sign placement


Let’s get this out of the way right off the bat. This isn’t a post condemning, condoning, or commenting on abortion in any way shape or form. It’s not intended to offend or annoy anyone. It’s merely a commentary on some terrible marketing placement.

That being said, who was the genius at the billboard company that ok’d this pairing of signs? Maybe they were booked by different sales reps and nobody had the heart to call either client to break the strange news. Maybe they did call and neither client wanted to be the one to lose their spot. Whatever happened, it’s beyond bizarre to see these two images on the same ad block. I can’t imagine how many drivers stop the car and back up to make sure they weren’t seeing things.

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McDonald’s Mondays: McMake it Yourself


Last week we thought it might be fun to see what kind of McDonald’s foods you enjoyed. This week? We’re going to give you the recipes to make them yourself!

McMenu: Do-It-Yourself McDonald’s has been floating around the internet for a few years now. I first remember coming across it back in 2005 when I was trying to clone their hot mustard sauce. I’m not the world’s greatest cook (especially when trying follow a recipe), and my results weren’t exactly like McDonald’s, but they were close (and delicious). Even the burgers came out fantastic.

It should probably be noted that these aren’t the recipes used by McDonald’s, but clone recipes reverse-engineered with little more than taste buds and passion. If you’re thinking of whipping up some homemade nuggets or a hot apple pie, take a peek and see how it turns out!


McDonald’s Mondays: What’s your favorite item on the menu?


We spend a lot of time during McDonald’s Mondays talking about news stories, videos, and images — but we never talk about you! This week we’d like to change that and ask you one simple question; What is your all time favorite McDonald’s item?

If you love quarter pounders, let us know. If you loved McPizza and miss that, let us know too! Let’s tickle your taste buds this week.

I’ve actually had a hard time nailing down a definitive answer to this one, but I think I’m going to have to go with their Hot Mustard. Like all sauces, it’s intended for nuggets, and like all sauces, it’s delicious on everything. McDonald’s Canada discontinued it about 3 years ago, and since then I’ve been having friends and family smuggle it in from the States. It’s so good, and it’s not like anything else on the market.

But enough about me and my favorite menu item, past or present. What’s yours?


McDonald’s Mondays: “The deal at CBS fell through”

With all the talk and excitement surrounding the changes in late night programming over at CBS, I can’t help but remember the madness that went down in the early 90’s when Johnny Carson retired from The Tonight Show. Letterman, a personal favorite, was really at the top of his game back then. And while he didn’t get The Tonight Show, he did make the move to CBS and has had 17 amazing years behind the desk for them.

The clip above is from those early days of the Late Show, and is a welcome addition to the McDonald’s Monday line-up. McLetterman? I’m lovin’ it.


McDonald’s Mondays: Old packaging brings back old memories


Seeing this old McDonald’s bag really brings back memories. Back when I was a kid in the early 80’s, this was their branding scheme. It’s amazing how something like old packaging can really bring you back. Maybe that’s why so many of us are fascinated with youtubing old commercials from our childhood, or grabbing great relics of nostalgia off eBay.

If old merchandise packaging brings back pleasant memories for you too, check out Waffle Whiffer’s flickr collection. They have hundreds of scans of old packaging, just like the bag above. What a great way to preserve advertising of old. Great thinking, Waffle Whiffer!


McDonald’s Mondays: They’re EVERYWHERE


While we all know that it’s pretty hard to travel anywhere without finding a McDonald’s, it’s astounding how many there really are. In the United States alone there are nearly 14,000. How do I know? Thanks to

Somebody out there took the time to create a Google Maps overlay that shows the locations of every major fast food restaurant in the United States. It’s great if you’re traveling and want to know what’s going to be near your hotel that’s quick and easy to eat. If not, it’s just downright creepy and a great indicator of where the next great labour uprising might start.

Nothing similar to this for Canada that I can find. Not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

Check it out at


McDonald’s Mondays: Let’s Play Pretend


Earlier this month, the blog Woody Asks posed an interesting hypothetical: what would you do if McDonald’s changed their value menu to be 100% healthy?

No more double cheeseburgers. No more fries. No more small sodas or Junior Chickens. Just healthy foods.

McDonald’s has already been adding healthy choices to their menu for a few years now. The Fruit’n’Yogurt Parfait, apple slices, salads, grilled chicken sandwiches and wraps — the Canadian McMenu features a good selection of healthy items for those with a strong enough will to dodge the Quarter Pounder. Would replacing the Value Picks Menu with a $1.39 Healthy Picks Menu help consumers make better choices? And what would you want to see on the menu?


McDonald’s Mondays: McSnowmobiling!


The fine folks over at RobotNine have posted up an nifty collection of photos of strange McDonald’s locations from around the world. The real highlight? This McDonald’s in PiteĆ„, Sweden opened the world’s first (and to the best of my knowledge, only) snowmobile-specific drive thru.

While you might not think there’d be much call for that, PiteĆ„ is in the Arctic Circle. You’re likely to find a few more snowcats than Prius’ that far north.

A little further research (courtesy of American Snowmobiler Magazine) shows that the project was short-lived. While the drive thru opened in 2002, the restaurant actually closed in 2007. There’s a pretty good chance that a major Swedish fast food chain may take over the facility, which means that hungry snowmobilers can still get their burger fix without shutting down their engines in the cold.


McDonald’s Mondays: When they pay more, YOU pay more


On March 31st, Ontario raised their minimum wage from $8.75 to $9.50. On April 1st, Ontario McDonald’s raised the price on all of their sandwiches by 20 cents. Other menu items increased in price as well.

Is this indicative of a larger problem in our economy? We raise the minimum wage so that those earning it can make ends meet with the current cost of living, but to make up the difference businesses raise their prices thereby raising the cost of living? It sounds insane. Maybe it is.

Then again, maybe this is an isolated incident. Maybe it’s just McDonald’s. Have any of you encountered an increase in the cost of goods or services over the past few weeks?


McDonald’s Mondays: Mcgoodbye


The McDonald’s near my house closed at the end of March. Whether it’s a sign of the economic times or just a final response to the endless complaints about rude service and filthy conditions isn’t for me to say. All I know is that this location has weaved a thread throughout my life;

  • When I was a little guy my daycare was two doors down. I’d attended more than a few of my friends birthday parties there at that age.
  • The only memory I have of my paternal grandparents is of them taking me there in a stroller when I was 3.
  • When I was about 10, my friends and I would take a long lunch from the 6th grade to ride our bikes there and order McPizza.
  • When my first daughter was old enough, we took her there for her first McDonald’s after an amazing trip to the flea market.
  • Over the past few years it became my walk-to-the-grocery-store-pit-stop for a $1.39 McMuffin.
  • My wife even worked there for a brief period last summer.

Yep – that building and I sure have a history.

…and now it’s gone.


McDonald’s Mondays: McGangBang!


Right off the bat let me apologize for the title of this post. It’s not meant in the nasty way you might be thinking. You see, the McGangBang is a real thing, and it seems to be sweeping the nation. The concept is simple — take a double cheeseburger and stick a McChicken right in the middle. The folks over at Eat Me Daily have put together more information than you could ever want on the subject — the McG’s history, the spread of it online, stories and videos — you name it, they have it.

I wouldn’t be much of a McDonald’s connoisseur without pointing out a small factual error. Every picture you’ll find of the item features a double cheeseburger and — not a McChicken — but a Junior Chicken. And yes, there is a difference. A big one in my books. The McChicken is a big, juicy, delicious slice of heaven served on a sesame seed bun. The Junior Chicken is an overly spiced, overly cooked, shriveled up piece of nothing. Not a pleasant experience. As the McG seems to be an American phenomenon so far I can’t help but wonder if they don’t have the real McChicken. A sad state of affairs if true.

I haven’t tried a McG, but considering my love of both chicken and burgers, it seems like a no brainer. Maybe I should invent the BBW McGangBang — a double quarter pounder with a REAL McChicken in the middle. Mmmmm.. meat and poultry, together at last.

Thanks to Boo for sending this story my way! :)