1. Lynn

    Where is there an Aerie store in Hamilton,Ontario that has the phone case? Any American Eagle store or must be Aerie?

  2. Maple

    I’m curious as I don’t use iPhone – are those cases really necessary? Is the metal material used to make the iPhone not strong enough that it needs some plastic to protect it?
    If simply for decoration, iPhone was originally designed for professional use, not for teenagers. I’m surprised to see the phone cases got so popular and they turn those professional looking phones into toy looking ones.
    I once toured a wholesale mall in Asia while on vacation, and inquired about the price of the iPhone cases out of curiosity. It’s approximately 12 cents USD if purchased over 1000 units.

  3. tshkc

    Those cases aren’t necessary however they do help protect your phone from dings on the rims, and scratches on the back. There’s a lot of versatility with phone cases and people look for cases with different functions. Some may use it purely for personalization (so that their phone won’t look like other people’s phones), protection (for example, construction workers may want a heavy duty case), and convenience (the wallet style types, so that they can slip some cards in their case and head out).


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