1. kerry

    I have saved about 15 coupons from the late 70’s and eighties.I wouldn’t use the non expiry ones,because the packaging is so different.I have coupons for products that are no longer sold in Canada.Like 27cents off Aloro frozen pizza,20c off General Foods Oven Fry,25c off Schneiders Lifestyle Entrees,50c off Enhance shampoo,50c off Lipton Casserole base,23c off Kleenex Classique,and 40c off Wondra Lotion,by Proctor and Gamble.My oldest coupon is before postal codes,Save 10c on a purchase of Nestles Quik…….

  2. EasterSummerSolsticeStarSpangledSky

    Kerry you could have saved some money off of your groceries, especially when economy during the 1970’s and up to 1982 were bad.


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