1. Dm

    Only got 3 mouth wash tide shampoo iIdid not take the white strips . was looking for razors but none . and why ask the other questions have a dog but nothing for her .

  2. Amanda

    Pretty disappointing this time around. Pantene, white strips, mouth wash, tide pods and a coupon for Iams which I didn’t take cause that dog food is awful quality!

    Not sure why they would even bother releasing a brandsampler if it’s only 5 samples available.

  3. Parisa

    I only got asked three questions. I said no to pets so i got the tide pod, stripes, mouth wash, shampoo and bounty. Was hoping to get a razor.. oh well!

  4. joy

    I said no pets but I got offered the dog coupon anyway. I said I used Scott and didn’t get offered the Bounty.

  5. Lisa

    3 questions for me as well, I got tide pod, stripes, mouth wash, and shampoo. I have dogs but I guess maybe the pet food was only for cats.

  6. Kim

    It went super fast for me. I got the Iams Cat Food, Scope, Tide, Pantene, Crest, and Paper Towel.

  7. sabalasi


    this time i was dissapointed…not much options to choose from
    the site was still slow!!

  8. torontogal12

    @Aaron, wish that I got some Gain! I got a Tide Pod. I hate those. They do NOT dissolve in cold water, and they don’t rinse properly.

    Also got Whitestrip, Pantene, Scope, and Bounty. Filled out mom’s form, and gave exactly the same answers. She got same samples, minus the Bounty…But the answers were identical?

  9. Louise

    I got Crest white strips, Gain, mouthwsh, pantene, and coupon for cat food.
    Mom filled one out and got same except Tide instead of Gain.

  10. MEME

    I got Gain, Pantene, IAMS, Scope, Bounty and white strips

    When asked what I look for in a laudry detergent I said scent, I am thinking that is why I got Gain instead of Tide. I am excited I have been wanting to try gain

  11. tobiwobi

    @joy: I also said Scotts but I got Bounty. It seems to be all random. I got tide pod, mouthwash, crest whitestrips, pantene, bounty and cat food.

  12. smartypamnt

    why doesn’t p&G notify us when their brandsampler is live? w/o smart canucks i wouldn’t even know…

  13. wendyjane

    thanks for the heads up – wouldn’t have known otherwise … I got 6 samples no razor but am still happy to get free bits and pieces that I can get use of

  14. vicki

    it just keeps telling me to fill in the required fields and I did…I am not having good luck lately…I missed out on the try before you buy…and now this…very frustrated…

  15. grace

    I hear you Vicki. I keep getting the same problem.. also missed out on the try before you buy

  16. moom

    4 samples this time. Tide pods, Scope, White Strips, Pantene.

    Pretty disappointing all round. Looks like P&G are starting to cut back a bit maybe…

  17. Linda

    The picture on Facebook showed a razor (in my newsfeed section). Kind of interesting to see that no one seemed to have been offered it though. I got offered 4 things, tide, Pantene, white strips and mouth wash. Answered yes to dog but wasn’t offered anything for the dog. I wasn’t offered the paper towels but thats ok as in the past it is all packaging and very little towelling so no loss there! Kind of disappointing this time however I do like receiving the shampoos that are great if we go away in the summer!

    • FallenPixels

      Linda, on at least one occasion I received a razor without it being one to check off, it may only be available for men though ;)

  18. lcheng

    Vicki, try using Chrome instead of Explorer. You will see another question that did not show up in Explorer and thus think you did not answer all required questions.

  19. sheila

    I answered all the questions I was given and keep getting an error message telling me to answer all the questions. doesn’t matter what response I give. too frustrating to waste any more time to try to get the samples. bad experience.

  20. deborah

    I was having the same problem yesterday. I tried Chrome browser and it worked. Only got Tide Pod.

  21. Samm

    Just got the tide pod… I never know how to answer these things to get better stuff? Do they like to see that u use their products or try and convert you?

  22. roseofblack25

    I only got the tide pod too and was only asked about pets, laundry detergent, and paper towel in the questions…I thought maybe they ran out but strange that a lot of other people only got the one…Seems like such a waste of shipping :/

  23. kicklegs

    Wow, a Tide Pod :( Kind of crummy to complain about something free, I know, but I used to look forward to these boxes like a kid does to Christmas, and now to send that to me will be a waste of packaging and postage.

  24. kicklegs

    Aaaaand my mom got the same, just a Tide Pod. We’re both considering not even taking part in these offers anymore.

  25. kb

    Both my mom and i got the tide pod. Had 3 questions (pets, laundry, papertowel). Pretty sad, waste of money for P&G to send a big box with one item!!!


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