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Canadian Coupons: Save $3 WUB2 St Ives Products

Canadian Discount Coupons Canada


St. Ives have a new coupon available on save.ca.  Save $3 when you buy two products from different St. Ives product lines.

Click here for this mail to home coupon.

What do you think of the terms on this coupon?  I noticed several of the new brandsaver coupons also require you to buy from two different brands, but I can see having issues with cashiers on what they class as a product line.

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  1. Kristina

    Has anyone had trouble getting save.ca coupons? i have asked for so many and out of all of them, only ever got 1… just don’t trust them after all this time… though i don’t have any issues with any other company getting to me… P&G, brandsaver… etc etc.. just save.ca


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