Canadian Coupons: This Week’s Costco Instant Savings Coupons

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Hi all! These are this week’s Costco instant savings coupons, which are not really coupons per se, as Costco now doesn’t hand out these coupons at the door. Instead, the savings are automatically applied if you purchase that specific product. These are valid from Monday, Jan. 4 til Sunday, Jan. 10, 2010.





Thanks to Debber for the heads up!


  1. Raphi

    Why can’t anybody have a real Vector Cereal sale in Toronto? None since the summer months it seems.

  2. kerry

    I don’t like Costco,they cater to families more than,just 2 persons households, like me and my hubby.I hate huge amounts of anything….

  3. Valerie

    Wondering if the cheese string are a good deal?
    Versus a regular grocerie store like no frill

  4. Islandlakes

    Can anyone tell me if you can get multiple coupons at the door and then buy a number of the same products? I will be going with a friend who has a Costco membership.
    Thanks. :-)

  5. IRefuseToPayFullPrice

    Islandlakes – they don’t hand these out at the door anymore. The coupon is automatically applied when the cashier scans the item. I believe you can buy multiple items and they will all be discounted.

  6. Super Mel

    Yes, you can use the coupon on more then one item…

    Yes, the cheese strings are a great deal!

    I received coupons at the door last week at a Winnipeg Costco?!?! I think they just stop for the crazy Christmas season…

  7. Debber

    I work there and the coupons are now automatically applied so that the lines go quicker and nobody misses out on a coupon….it may change back again but right now they are trying it out and so far so good!!! They still hand you a pamphlet at the door so that you know what is on sale for that week.


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