Canadian Freebies: $5 Chapman’s Ice Cream Coupon – Chapmans Kids Club

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Chapmans Canada Kids

Thanks MADster for this deal.

This deal is for Canadian kids only. This way we won’t harm Chapman’s business.
Go to Chapman Canada website here then select “kids club”, fill in the shipping information and in the comments area type:
I would like to receive a $5 Chapman’s Ice Cream Coupon.

This free Ice cream coupon expires December 2008.


  1. Safra

    I was wondering how they will send you the receipt for 5 dollars if they don’t even ask for your address or postal code.

  2. Boo Radley

    Safra, roseofblack25 explained how:

    “first they send you an email saying they received you question and to reply to the email with you address and they would send you the coupon and then you get the confirmation that they sent it. sorry i missed a step there or to make it easier you could include your address in the comment box”

  3. ANNE

    This works! I received my $5.00 coupon in about a week. If you go to the cheaper grocery stores you can actually get 2 1L ice cream tubs with this coupon.


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