Canadian Freebies: Advil Canada $5 off Coupon = Free Advil

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Advil Coupon Canada

Thanks gotagetitfree for posting this Advil coupon/freebie in the Canadian Shopping Forum :D

Advil Canada currently has a coupon for $5 discount on Advil Tablets, Caplets, Gelcaps or Liqui-Gels. Advil Liqui-gels and caplets’ regular price at Walmart Canada and Zellers is about $4.99. So when you use the coupon you end up getting these Advil products for free or almost free.

To get the coupon you need to complete a survey on Advil Canada’s website. Apparently the coupon is valid for one month from completing the survey.

Click here to fill the survey on Advil Canada’s website & get $5 coupon
Click here for direct link to Advil coupon


  1. hshamshu

    I was at Wal-Mart last night and tried to use one of the Tylenol $3 off coupons and they said they don’t take internet coupons any more since “the manufacturer doesn’t take them.” So I’m not sure how successful this one will be :-S

  2. Dizzy

    Hi there

    If anyone goes through the coupon section where this is listed, and you fill out the survey on the Advil website, it only comes up with the $1 coupon, not $5. Just thought I would let you all know.

  3. tinad

    Just an FYI, when you go through the survey, you can print off your coupon, and it has a security code on it. So do you think that would mean that each coupon can only be used once?

  4. Lucy

    I did the survey and the security code on the one I printed is different to the direct link to the Advil coupon…does that matter?

  5. Dizzy

    Boo, I live in Toronto (close enough to that is) Ontario. I guess the survey did not like my answers. Either way, I printed the $5 coupon from here by clicking on it, so I still got the coupon. It is all good.

    Nice of you to respond and to care. Thanks Boo :)

  6. Panda Power

    It worked for me, $5 when I filled out the survey.
    Whoever posted the PDF version of the coupon, I hope they dont track the security code to them and they get in heeps of trouble.

  7. Roxy

    I’m in Ontario and I just printed a $5 coupon too. I hope it’s worthwhile as it is not for just ANY bottle size.

  8. freestuffforme

    The link took me to the $1.00 coupon form but, when I went to the main Advil site, I clicked on a link that took me to the $5.00 survey coupon form. I’m in Ontario, too.

  9. Momo

    I’m in Manitoba and just printed out the $5.00 coupon.I have had no problems using the Tylonol coupon at Walmart.

  10. jaggy

    I’m in Quebec, tried the advil coupon at pharmaprix and maxi, both times got cashier’s that insisted it wasn’t good because it was printed ?? I didn’t bother bringing it up with the manager though, but I did notice the general negativity about coupon-users.

  11. Lisa

    i live in Brampton, and all my stores don’t accept printed coupons from the internet. I don’t understand why companies even do the printed ones, i guess they don’t know the alot of places won’t accept them

  12. Suzie-Q

    There is an error for the survey link and the printable coupon is dated January 1, 2009????


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