1. Momo

    Do all stores have skate sharpening? I never knew that. I tried to find out on the store locations about this service, but I didn’t see it. Anyone know? Thanks Boo for the article!

  2. haya

    sweet! i was just going to get my skates sharpened this weekend. saves me at least $5. all sportcheks that sell skates should have skate sharpening since they sharpen your skates for you when you buy them.

  3. MultiplesDad

    Has anyone successfully used a printout copy as opposed to an original coupon? My sons received the original coupon as a hockey player for the GTHL, but I didn’t know about this printable version. With our sons and daughters all involved in hockey, this can save us a fortune!
    Thank you in advance!

  4. Greg

    For the love of all things holy, do NOT get your skate’s sharpened at SportChek! (Or any box store for that matter).

    The people they have run the sharpening are more often than not improperly trained, and will do more damage to your blade than good. This coupon is not worth the paper you’ll print it on!

    Go to a proper sharpening shop, or risk ruining your skates!

  5. Scott

    Greg obvioulsy had a bad experience one time. Don’t let him fool you. The majority of these stores have very good training programs for thier staff and excellent quality control.

    I have had my skates sharpened by Sport Chek for years at multiple locations and they have always been very well done for a low price.

    This is a good deal.


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