Checkout 51 Rebate Offers February 7 – 13

Canadian Deals & Coupons


Here are your Checkout 51 deals for the week of February 7-13

  • Smucker’s Simple Blends Fruit Blend, any variety of Smucker’s Simple Blends Fruit Spread. Cash back: $2.00 Regular price: $3.97
  • Dempster’s bread, any sliced bread. Cash back: $1.50 Regular price: $2.99
  • Lay’s potato chips, 270 g or more, any flavour. Cash back: $1.00 Regular price: $2.67
  • Christie Thinsations, 138 g or more, any variety. Cash back: $1.00 Regular price: $2.99
  • Black Diamond Cheesestrings, 168 g or more, any flavour. Cash back: $1.00 Regular price: $3.89
  • Bolthouse Farms juice and smoothies, 450 mL or more, any flavour. Cash back: $1.00 Regular price: $3.99
  • Planters nuts, Canister of 275 g or more, any variety. Cash back: $1.00 Regular price: $4.99
  • Heinz Beans, any variety, 399 mL. Cash back: $0.50 Regular price: $1.69
  • Kraft Dinner, any variety. Cash back: $0.50 Regular price: $1.72
  • Campbell’s canned soup, 540 mL, any variety. Cash back: $0.50 Regular price: $2.17

Prices come from their local grocery stores.

Do you use Checkout 51? How much have you earned?


  1. George

    I have the Checkout51 app on my phone i guess from the beginning of the year but till now I didn’t find anything that i would normally buy or that would make it worth to replace something with one of the branded items in the app.

    I hope to use it one of these days as it really looks interesting to me.

  2. Lisa

    I have 4.50 already just from things I would’ve bought anyways! They have great brands and if bread is on sale anywhere I’m sure I’ll use that this week too. Last week I got paid 25 cents to get a small thing of French’s mustard that was 1.00, had a .75 coupon and .50 from checkout51!

  3. Happymomy

    Prices good until Friday for rebate match ups…… Black diamond cheese strings 2.99 at food basics and you can price match at no frills and use the .75 cent off in store coupon. No frills has kid smart on for .97 and there are .75 off coupons from save.ca. With the rebate it makes these even better deals

  4. Lisa

    A Bride’s Box, it was at Walmart Supercenter, it was rollback from 1.97 to 1.00, for the small one

  5. Christine

    Walmart has Campbells soup on sale for .47 cents from the 8th to the 14th, and Checkout 51 has .50 cents cashback on it, so go make 3cents a can, everyone.

    Is this app available for Android? I don’t have an iphone….

  6. Maureen

    This is the first time I’ve heard of Checkout 51 how does it work, does it work in Ontario and how do I sign up????


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