Crayola Warehouse Sale Canada: Lindsay, ON Oct 15

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If you live near Lindsay, ON you will definitely want to head out for the Annual United Way Crayola Warehouse Sale.

Thanks cmoody8107 - Check out her incredible haul from last year’s sale here

The CRAYOLA Canada 2011 Annual United Way Sale will be held on Saturday, October 15th from 8am – 12pm in the main building at the Lindsay Exhibition Grounds at 354 Angeline Street South.



  1. xXtiggerXx

    Yes the deals here are too good to pass up. Me and my boyfriend always get advanced tickets for the Friday from my mom’s work and we end up getting money and lists from at least 3 other people to get stuff for daycares or Christmas presents. We finish with quite a haul to sort through when we get home.

  2. itsjustmebub

    @cmoody – i know, i hope that’s okay … that’s why i linked to your brag ;)

    @cindycole – umm … the address is right there ;)

  3. cmoody8107

    No worries bub – I googled it and a bunch of the images were mine lol. It was just funny to see.

  4. couponfreak

    I wish I was there I work for a daycare about to open and could stock the shelves for the little guys.

  5. EdmontonGal

    Oh I wish I was closer. I sooo want someone to shop for me. How much would shipping be to send to edmonton though? Probably not worth it. :o(

  6. Kristen

    Anyone know how else to get advanced tickets?? I am local but have no idea how to get them. I have to work Saturday and don’t want to miss it!!

  7. ann

    how i wish some else could buy me too. too bad i’m too far. love crayola, specially my son is learning to write i want the mess free ones …wwaaaa

  8. Charly13

    If someone could point me towards the advance tickets I’d be happy to pick stuff up for others. Just can’t juggle that much on the Saturday sale.

  9. Shortyr

    Anyone whos going would you be able to pick some things up for me and ship them? i cant make it to the sale.. I have a special needs kid who i need to shop for. Please send me an email if you can [email protected]


  10. icancu

    Another 8 hour drive if I want to go to this sale..would love to go, as I have quite a few kids to buy for Christmas.. Oh well the joys of living in northern ontario i guess..lol

  11. evil.kitten

    i have never gone to this sale even though i lived in lindsay my entire life. my dad always used to go when the sale was at the actual factory.. it’s scarred him for life..lol i guess it was always a big punching fest back in the early 90’s to get things.. i really want to go and get some back up gifts for my niece and nephew in case i don’t get their blankets crocheted in time for christmas and to grab a bunch of grab bag items for my SIL as she puts together grab bags for the little kids at her family gatherings.

    I just don’t know how early to go.. i’m hoping the weather will keep some people away so it isn’t too stupid packed [supposed to be cold and rainy so..maybe]


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