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I’ve been very busy lately and hadn’t checked my smartcanucks email for a while… today I went through my unread emails and guess what I found… not deals, not freebies… but facebook invitations! :P from people I’ve never met: and note that this is not my personal email!

Facebook is the 19th most visited website in the world and the 4th most visited in Canada. Toronto has the largest number of facebook users in the world. A city like Kingston with a population of 120,000 has 32,000 facebook users! a huge number!

Since there’s a lot of interest in facebook – I spend waste a lot of time on it too – here are a couple of hilarious facebook songs:





  1. Sandy

    No offence, but I hate it when this blog posts things that aren’t Canadian deals. Those are what I come here for, but I often find myself having to scroll through all these videos that have nothing to do with anything. They should be left on a private/personal blog, not a blog that calls itself a “Canadian Deals Blog”.

  2. frugiedh

    I TOTALLY disagree!! I love to read this blog! It makes me aware of different things in the world and it makes me laugh and that is a welcome relief in this world that we live in! I don’t think a little finger scrolling is too much for anyone to do. There are alot of members in Smart Canucks and you are never going to please all of the people all of the time BUT I certainly appreciate the effort that everyone puts into posting. It is MY decision and YOUR decision whether you read it or not.

  3. Sandy

    Thanks for the tip! I’m sorry if I sounded mean or something in the other comment, it’s just that I like these great deals you post up more :)

  4. amycanada77

    I looooove facebook – I’ve found so many people on there from my past – I liked video number two….ya gotta watch out for those facebook stalkers – in fact I think someone created a group for all the facebook stalkers to join lol

  5. ilovemykids

    OH man! My favorite was the third one!! That’s great!!

    Thanks for sharing this nice break from the everyday!!

    Great job!!! :)

  6. JeLLo

    Personally, I catching YouTube vids on here, saves me a lot of time finding cool vids here then wasting time looking for cool vids right on the site (Youtube).

    And in fact, I have a request….Can we put all the archive vids into a special section (unless there already is one, in that case please share where they are).

    It’s be nice to go to one section to watch vids…I went through all the Archive blog enteries and didn’t find any…then again, I got tired of searching after looking through 4-5mths worth.

    Thanks for the vids!!

    I don’t go onto FB as much as I used to…I found it caused a lot of ‘problems’ in my relationship….but thats another story.

    Slainté, JeLLo

  7. JeLLo

    I just reread my post…I want to say I like coming to the SC home page and seeing vids there, they usually make me laugh…but once the month is done, it would be nice to have a direct link for all the vids in one section….okay…I won’t post again..don’t want to take up all the space…LoL

  8. JeLLo

    Sweeeeet!!! I can’t wait!!! Nothing better then seeing a great vid!!!



  9. Pete Radisson

    Dear Canada,

    I would like to talk to Jane & Joe Canuck, paricularly from Ottawa area.



  10. ivan linares



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