Free Vaseline Intensive Lotion With Coupon

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Zellers flyer valid from Jan.29-Feb.4  has Vaseline Intenstive Care body lotion 325ml on sale for $2.So with the $2 save.ca coupon you can get it for free!!Who can pass up free!!

Click here to go to the discussion thread.

Click here to view Zellers flyer.

Click here to go to save.ca.

Thanks to julyprincess for the great deal post.


  1. ccmp1974

    It is on sale for $2 at Zellers this week.So when you use the coupon you get it for free.:)

  2. shaaland

    Believe it or not I am drinking coffee and still not awake….thanks, it is on sale for $2. I have several coupons and will save them for donations. Thank-you to all of you who ARE awake!!!

  3. Patty

    Wow, I wish I had more than 1 coupon. LOL Oh well, there’s still the Olay stash. Thanks for the tip I have given up on looking at the Zellers flyer.

  4. amycanada77

    Princesstefer – click the link to save.ca provided above
    I had never seen this coupon either – but low and behold there it is – $2.00 off :)

  5. Princesstefer

    Ditto what Jennie said… but they are on for $2.49 at Shoppers Drug Mart on the 7&8th… so I’ll pop by for my 50 cent lotion on the 7th.


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