1. Minh

    so what do we have to do to get the discount? just say your friend works at rogers and heres the code…. give me the discount?

  2. Dette

    Hello! Did anyone already bought tickets using the codes? Are they really legitimate tickets? PLEASE let me know…

  3. F1racer24

    Yup…just printing them out…just follow Joel S. link and print out the page…I used ROGERS and than filled out the form and paid online…it will than give the option to print at home…make sure you have Adobe Acrobat and go from there.

    Thank you Joel

  4. JeLLo

    Wow..awesome!! Thanks!! A girlfriend and I are going to Wonderland on July 7th for a girls day out…these deals will certainly come in handy – that’s for sure!!

    If anyone goes to CW on a regular basis can you please PM me with info regarding smoking there and how much is parking….thanks!!!

  5. Val

    Hi Joel,

    Thank you for the great tip. You are allowing the 6 of us to go have fun in CW. It would have been way too expensive otherwise.
    On another note… Can you believe some jerks are selling the information you compiled on ebay??

  6. JeLLo

    Holy crap…you weren’t kidding…I guess some people will do anything to make a buck…unfreakinbelieveable…LoL

  7. Angel

    HellO! Im looking for cheap tickets for Marineland as well, does anyobody know where I can get some PLEASE???

    Thanks Joel for Wonderland tickets! My family saved alot…

  8. Blake

    Do you need to be with a Rogers employee to use the tickets? Otherwise I am buying some for Saturday! Thanks for the info Joel!

  9. domdc1

    Thanks for the great information, way to rip off Wonderland and basically take advantage of GM, Rogers, Belleville College, Chrysler and Toyota. Bad enough there is someone on eBay selling the same info but do you think your any better ?? Granted you arent making a buck but your still a thief. Hey I hear you can get discounted flowers at a grave yard or hospital, post those instructions as well.

  10. domdc1

    I hope they smarten up & start asking for employee ID’s and when you cant produce it they say sucks to be you’ and send you on your way.

  11. Blake

    RIP OFF Wonderland? They have figured out a way to charge you a fortune to stand in a line all day…wow do you ever have it backwards…

  12. Boo Radley

    Thanks for the great information, way to rip off Wonderland and basically take advantage of GM, Rogers, Belleville College, Chrysler and Toyota. Bad enough there is someone on eBay selling the same info but do you think your any better ?? Granted you arent making a buck but your still a thief. Hey I hear you can get discounted flowers at a grave yard or hospital, post those instructions as well.

    I’ve never been called that before in my life. You just hurt my feelings :-(

  13. Tara

    Hahahaha. I love how Loyalist College is on there. I just graduated from there.

  14. jojo

    Too Bad! The price for adults just jumped from 29$ to 36$
    Any better codes out there??????????

  15. jojo

    domdc1 what’s your problem? You are obviously looking for cheap tickets too.Unless you work for Wonderland!!!?!!!!!!!!

  16. jenn

    hi can any of yo who have bought these tickets tell me if they ask you for some kind of id?? do the tickets specify how you got them or how much you paid for them?? thanx

  17. jojo

    Alternatively you can get the tickets at Costco.ca for 35.50
    The only problem is you must have a membership or know someone who does.

  18. Lizz

    Jello, I hope u get this in time for tomorrow lol, smoking is in restricted areas if u grab the map there it will show u (i on the other hand just kinda casually walk around with mine hidden lol) and parking is i believe $10/day. Hope this helps and have fun….i got a seasons pass been 3 times already n its paid off lol…i love CW..due to complications i havent gone in like a month n a half but will be goin on monday lol

  19. moe1964

    Here is another tip with anyone with kids with special needs that can’t deal with the line ups. Go to guest services at wonderland and ask for a disability pass. They don’t ask questions. My son has autism, and there is noooooo way he can deal with hour long line ups. This pass enables you to go through the exit with 5 other guests and get on the rides. If it’s considered one of the top 5 ie.drop zone, they give you a time to come back, opposed to lining up. It’s usually within 45 minutes. Then you can go on other rides, come back for your assigned time, and there you go!, They even ask you what seat you want!

    Please, if your child is not special needs, don’t take advantage…not that you would, but….

  20. nera

    Wonderland Ticket’s for 30$.This Ticket is valid only on
    July 28th.Contact oakridge community center=416 338 1966.

  21. SCG

    Thanks for the codes Joel. A lot of idiots writing dumb comments. These codes do work and you can order them on line. Saved us lots of $$.

  22. Lola

    To the idiot who is calling Joel or whoever for saving $ on tickets…you are an ass! THese huge corporations haven’t paid any money to WOnderland…WOnderland offers these discount to their families and friends so they can attract tons of people and make more money. You don’t think they know that people can find these deals? They are not stupid. They just want to fill the park! THe adimission prices are ridiculous, not to mention the price of anything extras in the park-like a pop, or food…those prices are so inflated its disgusting. This is suppossed to be family oriented amusement park and you obviously don’t have a family or you would know why people are looking for cheaper methods because of the cost of raising a family these days!
    If you have such a strong opinion-don’t support the website by visiting it! Take your self riteous attitudes and judgemental opinions and well…you what to do with it!

  23. Leslie

    No one has actually answered the question of if you need to prove that you’re related to or a friend of a Rogers employee (ie if you need a Rogers employee with you when you go etc)
    has anyone had any trouble?

  24. Anita

    so far so good…
    I’ve gotten through to purchase $34 tickets on Wonderland site with Roger’s code. We’re going tomorrow (July 16th)…if you don’t hear from me on the 17th, you know it worked with no hassle!
    As you log on it says, for employees, family, and “friends” of Rogers. By gosh, all the money I’ve spent on roger’s products, they bloody well better consider me a friend!!!!

  25. Kelly

    Anita, I read your comment about going on the 16th, my husband son & I are looking to go next week & would like to save some money using the Rogers code. Did this work for u?

  26. J-man

    Wonderland Deals
    All the Code that you need to get the deal!!!
    I haven’t tried yet. BUT IT sound like it’s works
    for many people!!! GOOD LUCK and HAVE FUN!!!

  27. Susan

    Hi. I think these deals are great. We have a family of 6 & Wonderland is not attainabe this summer without a discount. Problem is I can’t figure out how to print the passes. Can someone please help.

  28. MomofOne

    Link to a pornographic website found posted on this page.
    >>> eg-monitor.com
    Jun 9th, 2007 at 8:38 pm

  29. Al

    wait, if u print off the ticket , arne’t ppl going to photocopying more and more?

  30. Goo&Liv's Mom

    You must pay for the tickets by credit card, then you will be given the option to print in Adobe acrobat (they will give you the download if you don’t have it).

    To answer Al’s question. There is a bar code on each ticket, so once they scan it, reproductions won’t work.

    Thanks for whomever gave the initial tip. The 5 of us will be going to day!

  31. Blake

    Go to the WOnderland page and under “tickets” choose “corporate partners” and type in one of the codes listed at top here.

  32. angel

    i have 4 complimentary tickets to wonderland and we wont be using them..they can be used for any day in 2007 season.i am in the hamilton ont area, i will let them go for 30 each, that even cheaper then using the codes, sorry for posting here but i know some of you are looking for good deals and im looking to get rid of these…if anyone is interested please leave a message.

  33. Jag

    Hi angel I would consider scooping your tickets (if you still have them) , just email me at [email protected] for more details! thanks :)

  34. Carl

    Has anyone tried cheapwonderlandtickets.com? They’re selling for $25. Sound to good to be true…

  35. Carrie

    thank you carl, I found that site when was at my parents house and haven’t been able to find it since, but yea its $25 per adult $15 per child, and if you want a 2 day pass its $30 so for $5 extra dollors its worth it, also it said until Aug 10 no taxes, so thank you so much for posting I almost missed out on them THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, but you do need a credit card to all those interested

  36. Jeff

    Agreed, website looks a little shady.
    I’ll pay the extra $9 and have piece of mind…

  37. Kim

    What are you guys, super poor or something? Wonderland is not expensive and the prices for stuff like food is only a dollar more than what you would pay anyways. If you can’t afford it or it doesn’t fit into your budget, don’t go. It’s as simple as that. Stop griping about $35 admission – the playgorund and Lake Ontario are free. Do you understand how much it costs to run an amusement park?

  38. Boo Radley

    Kim, regular admission is not $35. It’s way more. Where did you get the $35 regular admission from?

    And asking if we’re “super poor” is kind of rude. Please try being more considerate to other peoples’ feelings :-(

  39. Kim

    If you buy them online, is $48. I don’t see what the issue is here. It’s not like tickets are $100 or something. Again, what is with people trying to scam the system and get “deals”. These peopel are probably the same ones who tip 10% at restaurants too.

  40. Boo Radley

    So I’m guessing you just made up the $35 in your first post? just like you assumed we were “super poor”?

    It shows as $51.40 to me, but let’s assume it’s $48. That’s a savings of $14 per person. If your family has 4 members that’s a savings of $56.

    These corporate coupons are for family and “friends” and trust me wonderland knows these codes are being exchanged by the public but they are turning a blind eye because many of the people using the codes wouldn’t have gone as much without these codes. So it’s actually additional profit to them.

    Now what does tipping have to do with this? yet another rude unnecessary comment. If you’re mad that some customer didn’t pay you the 25% you were expecting today please don’t get your anger out on us.

    I provide the services on Smart Canucks for free and it takes me a lot of effort and time to prepare these deals. I’m really not interested in hearing your rude comments. If you have nothing good to say please don’t say anything and leave me alone because comments like yours just ruin my day.

  41. BCteagirl

    Your right Kim… the ‘poor’ (ie those who have less money than you apparently) should never hope to give their children some of the benefits others have by using promotions posted on PUBLIC websites on the internet.. Please go have a nice cup of tea, take a deep breath, and CALM DOWN.. remember that to some people 48$ IS a lot of money.

  42. Boo Radley

    to my knowledge the only marineland coupons available are the ones found in brochures at Niagra Falls hotels.

    Unfortunetely marineland’s marketing department sucks so you won’t find any coupons on the Internet.

  43. joe61a

    How reliable is allcheapetickets? When I googled canadas wonderland they advertised tickets at $25. Would appreciate any comments.

  44. Boo Radley

    I can’t recommend any website other than the official Wonderland website. There have been Wonderland scams going on out there so I’d personally pay the extra money and stay on the safe side.

  45. Pete

    In response to KIM. Yes, we are all trying to save a few bucks. Most of us are working people trying to make ends meet and provide our families the same opportunities as everyone else. We all were not born with a silver spoon in our mouths, in addition, some of our parents couldn’t afford to send us to college. Quit looking down your nose at people for trying to give their families a better life.

    A big thanks to Joel for the list.

    Great site. Planning to go to CW next week and will try the corporate discounts

  46. Blake

    I’d like to know the last time Kim paid $22 for a Large pizza pizza pepperoni as apparently the $23 price is “only a dollar more”…or jeez how about those $3.50 bottled drinks as we all know that vending machines everywhere must charge $2.50 to keep in reasonable line with wonderland pricing. Kim get a life or give me your gold card.

  47. Lucky

    Hi i have a code for centenial collage just wondering will they ask anything if i got them? Did anyone that went with discounted tickets have a problem? Please let me know as i will buy the cheap tickets (thanks to the codes) today, and will like to know if at wonderland they ask you anything. Thanks Alot…

  48. Kate

    I am a bit of a snob when it comes to spelling, so when I see a site, such as cheapwonderlandtickets.com, which is full of atrocious spelling mistakes, it is hard to take the site seriously,

  49. Kim W

    I just found a great deal right on Canada’s Wonderland website-they are offering a 2 day pass (used by the same person) for $53.95 each plus tax-hope this helps

  50. Carrie

    ok kim so since you seem to have so much money to blow on stuff, I need 5 adult tickets and I child ticket for me, my husband, my 2 yr old, and my neice and nephew, we have done stuff with them since they were born adn now 12, 11 and my sister who wants to go but has no money, so I am sorry that I want to cheap out and save some money on my admisson tickets since 5 adult tickets will cost me $257 and daughter will be $26.45 totalling $283.45. I would rather spend $169 and use the rest of my money in the park for food and drinks and other things that aren’t included, yes I will save $114.45 but the park wil be getting it back and then some by the time you factor in food for 6 drinks for 6 and treats of funnel cakes and ice cream cookies and everything else they have there, so stop being a snob and let those alon that wish to save a few dollars to show there families a good time for a day but hey since you have soooo much money will gladly let you buy the tickets for me. And I am sorry that I want to show my family a good time before I go in for surgery at the end of the month, but need to save money for my husband to be able to stay in a hotel room for the few days I will be in the hospital. So as I said I will GLADLY LET YOU BUY ALL MY TICKETS FOR ME. Email me I will give you my address so you can mail them out or you can leave them at the front desk with my name so I can pick them up there. if your answer is no then screw you and your snobby attitude towards others trying to save a few $$ to show their families a good time, you don’t know people and their situations so PISS OFF

  51. jenn

    Carrie i don’t think your 2 year old pays to go to wonderland.. we went 2 weeks ago and my 3 1/2 year old didnt pay…anyhow hope you and your family can go..:)

  52. Chelle

    Thanks so much for this site; it’s been a great help! I also want to applaud you for your class and poise. I’m sure dealing with random venomous posts from miscellaneous people, can become quite a chore! The act of biting your tongue can be painful at times :) Anyhow… thanks again for all your efforts!

  53. Jeff F

    Hi everyone,
    First… a big thanks to Joel and Boo for bringing everyone this great list. I just printed off my 3 tickets using the ROGERS code. The E-Ticket does say Rogers Adult Ticket, with the purchased date and the name of the credit card holder. You do not need to present your credit card again at the gate, so you don’t need the card holder to come with you (who would do such a thing though?). I will leave a sticky on my desktop to remind myself to post in 2 days about how easy and hassle free the whole thing was (getting through the gate not being a Rogers Member).
    Side note: to those upset by the people leaving harsh judgemental comments about the rest of us saving money… don’t feed the trolls! They only say those things to get a rise out of people. If you respond, it makes them stronger… ignore them, they’ll go away. In fact, odds are they won’t be back to read from this site again. Also remember, they came to this site looking for the same thing we all did. They trolled out their comments after they bought cheap tickets, just like the rest of us SmartCanucks!

    P.S. Enjoy the rest of your day here at Paramount Canada’s Wonderland!

  54. Chatelaine

    Hi Joel
    I tried the company ID and it works, but I’m too scared to buy the tickets and then we finally get there they might ask us where we got it. So I called up the customer service at Canada’s Wonderland and she told me that I CAN print out the tickets at home but I have to write in my corporates ID#…do I just write in ROGERS


  55. Mya


    Thank you so much for recommmending Oakridge Community Centre for the tickets on July 28th….I was able to take my little brother and friends for the day…We had a blast and wouldn’t be able to afford it had you not posted the info. Thanks Again!

  56. Nammo

    For all those people who are afraid to be ID’d, use the code for Air Miles. – airmiles

    Everyone has one, and if you don’t, don’t worry about it. Its just a shopping rewards card. They won’t ask for that. It doesn’t even have your name on it.

  57. Jeff F

    Hi again… I purchased ROGERS tickets the other day and mentioned that I’d give a report on my experience. No one asked any questions, or even looked at me twice about my Rogers E-Ticket. Piece of cake. Thanks again.

    P.S. I was taken back abit by the metal detectors that are now in place at the entrance and the bag search by security(I haven’t been to Wonderland in years, maybe they’ve been around for awhile now).

  58. Jeff F

    … oh, and in responce to Chatelaine… I didn’t put anything in the corporate ID spot. they scanned the page, it worked, they stamped my hand and gave me my ticket back. Hope this alleviates any fears anyone has.

  59. Martha

    We want to buy season passes but when they will be good for the remainder of 2007 and also 2008. We did this a few years ago but now with the new owner we’re not sure if they will have the same offer again.
    Anybody know?

  60. Joel

    Other Codes

    Wendys $36

    Employees of Wendy’s can save on admission to Canada’s Wonderland!

    Simply select the number of tickets that you would like to purchase and add them to your shopping cart.

    AMEXCARD $29
    American Express Cardholders are invited to enjoy $29 days on the 29th of every month during our operating season.

    Enjoy more than 200 attractions, 65 rides and our 20-acre heated waterpark open June – August weather permitting.
    Please select the number of admission tickets you would like to purchase and proceed to checkout.

  61. Fire

    When ordering the tickets from the Wonderland website – can they just be printed immediately? or are they shipped to you?

  62. mkm

    thanks for a great deals on tickets! I have a question about AMEX card code. do you have to order tickets online using AMEX credit card so they can be sure you got one?

  63. Lostinlondon

    Thanks Joel and Boo, for the discount info. I went online looking for discounted tickets, and found them. Thanks again.

  64. jenn

    mkm ~ yes you do need to be an amex card holder, its the only way you can get them and that’s by using your card.

  65. Jeff

    Used the rogers code.
    printed them off
    and they just scan them at the gate
    no questions asked.
    No worries using them.
    Went last Wednesday.
    Cheers all.

  66. kimberley

    Thanks Joel and Jeff. I just printed off e-tickets for my daughter and myself using the Rogers code. I too have spent enough with Rogers to be considered a true friend (money can buy you love!) This website is a great way to get a good deal and feel confident. I agree, that buying at the wonderland website is the best way to be sure that it is a legitimate ticket.

    We will have fun and be able to afford the parking as well now!!

  67. Angelo

    Hey there thanks for the tip!!
    And Kim, please go pau the full prices, it will make me feel better, knowing you can afford them.

    Any place to get cheap Ontario Place tickets??

  68. Angelo C ( 27 )

    One (1) wonderland ticket available, for sunday August 19th only,

    Male or female to accompany $25, or ,

    interested and serious call (416) 760-2103.

    Thank you.

  69. leafs17

    Going tomorrow the 16th….I’ll let you know if we have any problem with Rogers tickets

  70. leafs17

    went to wonderland today and used GMCANADA code for tickets…..No problem getting in…..saved almost $20 a ticket…..nice.

  71. kimberley

    went on Wednesday the 15th using the Rogers ticket absolutely no problem. A real savings -which they got back on the concession stands! Yikes! For sure if you are going, bring in your own water, I brought in 3 bottles, no problem. They tend to confiscate pop at the gate when they go through your backpack.

  72. Joel

    Wow its realy awesome that so many people have left comments on this post. Think of all the savings that have been made this year!!!!
    I was just reading me email’s and Canadas wonderland has sent a most suspensfull email to its susbscribers:

    Comming soon
    Our Biggest Announcement Ever
    August 27

    and underneath there are drawings of some construction workers

    to see the picture, click here:

    I cant wait till Aug 27!!!

    Joel S.

  73. Wade

    Thans Joel for the awesome tips. Saved about $86. Plus I just bought a GM vehicle – I think they owe me this.

    Have a great summer everybody.

  74. GWilly1

    Does anyone know anything about thesite “cheapetickets” for Wonderland?? They are offering tickets sent to you by email for $26.95 adults……is this for real??

  75. Shanora

    Ok Joel,

    I’m waiting her in suspense…whats the big announcement??

    We are headed to Wonderland this saturday, and going to use the Airmils code….I’ll let everyone know how that works!!

  76. Shanora

    Ok, maybe I’m a blond…or whatever, but where on the site do I enter these codes….I went to the Buy Tickets thing, and there wasn’t anywhere I could put in a code…..For 3 tickets it was going to cost me $110.00…..

    Can anyone help me! Thanks!

  77. Shanora

    Nevermind, I just realized HOW to get the tickets….and ALSO realized that they were for Wonderland….LOL Not Marineland!!

  78. ahmad bashir

    Thanks to op and everyone who has contributed. Has anyone printed out e-tickets using the American Express code? Is it true as one poster pointed out that you need to use an amex card to purchase the ticket? Also, will the ask to see your amex card?
    Thanks again

  79. ( Angelo) [email protected]

    Tickets $28 each day
    for 1st and 2nd Sept

  80. Mark

    Has anyone tried using a friend’s “Pay Once Visit Twice” ticket? The website says that it must be used by the same person, but the actual ticket does not say anything.

  81. joane

    thanks joel for the information. i used the code, it really worked (although i was trembling when i was showing my eticket hahaha), saved a lot of money since we’re on a group. my brother is so confused coz he know where i work, and definitely not one from the listed company that give company discounts… hahahahaha

    thanks again to and u, all generous and smart canucks out there!!!!

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  1. Falcon

    I heard that there will be additional checks this year to ensure the proper people are using the codes. Use at your own risk!

  2. Falcon

    I heard there will be additional checks this year to ensure the proper people are using the discount codes.

  3. TigerGirl

    Hi all,

    So I’ve been looking at all these things from last year and tried just now with the Rogers one and it seemed to work – came up with a $30 deal that’s good thru June 30. I must admit tho I’m still a little gun-shy…anyone tried yet this year???

  4. Corr

    I’m gonna be using the tickets on Monday, May 4. I saved $20. Will let you guys know if I have any hassles!

  5. Corr

    Just bought two tickets using the Rogers code. Saved almost $20!!! I will be using them shortly. Will let you guys know if I have any hassles…

  6. Matt

    has anyone tried using the codes this year??? do they work and do they check id on you?

  7. rita

    I am planning to go wo wonderland on 06/15/08. Somebody has cheaper tickets so we can go tomorrow. we are six in family. If someone has tickets or information about cheap tickets for wonder land please email me. Thanks

  8. Jason

    anyone that is saying that this guy is ripping off wonderland is somking crack. This is the only place i kno of that you pay to stand in a line for 3 hours. dont get me wrong wonderland is fun, but if you can get in cheaper…………. why wouldnt you??? This Joel kid is pretty smart and is working to save the poeple a couple bucks. i think its a great job man thanx for the tips. if you dont like to save money waiting at a ride all day, your not human.

  9. Jason

    Hi, it’s been a year now (it’s 2008). Just wondering if it still works, and just confirming that you can go ANY day right – there doesn’t have to be like a Rogers event or a GM event, etc.?

  10. Jason

    Hi, it’s been a yaer now (2008), and I’m wondering whether or not Wonderland still checks the company/employee ID. ;s

  11. Andrew

    Dude – this is awesome! Thank you so much – my dad used to be able to get reduced ones from his work, but he couldn’t this year so this will mean I can more easily afford to take my girlfriend to Wonderland!!!

  12. Carl

    Hey, these codes still work.

    Prices have changed slightly, but ROGERS is now $35 adult & $27 for the kiddlings. (a bit better than $41.34 & $29.35)

  13. Jessyka

    I was wondering if they still have the rodgers and gm codes this year i tried to use them and they are not vaild a few worked but not the cheapest ones… please help

  14. Lola

    Are the Canada’s Wonderland codes any different for 2008? I know some of them (including Rogers) still work, but wonder if there are any new ones… Thanks.

  15. saloni

    hey guys
    dis year i see only the GMCANADA code owrks but can someone help me get cheap season passes for 2009?

    btw. thanz joel and boo. i really appriciate u guyz being soo nice and putting up these links

  16. reviews

    A very interesting website. I plan to access it again when I get home and have more time. There is much I need to look into here.

  17. Sunny

    Hi, Joel

    I am looking for really really good deal for Canada’s Wonderland, only then can I make it.

    I would avoid weekends altogether. Friday would be very ideal.
    But I would probably accommodate going on weekdays for good deal.

  18. louise

    I logged into this site last night and i got a virus…..becareful…don’t know how it happened…and scan didn’t go pass file #498…so i had to reload the whole computer ..just warning……
    it was number #2 comment under Josey says…

  19. louise

    I logged into this site last night and i got a virus…..becareful…don’t know how it happened…and scan didn’t go pass file #498…so i had to reload the whole computer ..just warning……
    it was number #2 comment under Josey says…on your home page.

  20. Erika

    Where do I get the cheapest Wonderland tickets right now ? Are the e- tickets through Rogers still available ? If so, what’s the code ? Erika

  21. ruth

    hey….it’s now 2009…we’re taking our chances on printing tickets with the GMCANADA code…saying we’re “friends”…the ROGERS code no longer works…and the price is not $37.00

  22. pjdksmith

    Just so you know.. anyone reading this in 2009, the codes work! NOT Rogers, but GMCANADA gets you adult tickets for 31/pp.
    Saved me a bundle! My daughter thanks you for making her birthday something special!

  23. lilleigh

    FYI – the ROGERS, GMCANADA and LCALUMNI codes no longer work. I see this thread is VERY old though, so maybe everyone already knew that. :o)

  24. Glen Willman

    Oi hai ther, I am from Soviet Russia – where the blog post writes you! So, pleez excuse my terrible English. I can’t believe the post I have just read, it was very informative. Back here in Russia, people can barely write so reading your article was like a breath of fresh air. I’d like to personally thank you for writing this post today and I hope everyone else that is reading this today got as much enjoyment out of reading it as I did. I can’t wait to check back and see what other things you write. – Warm reguards from Russia to you all in the USA! We keep in touch.

  25. soccerrulez

    stop such idiots and cheap like asses just buy the CW tickets for 25.00 to like 48.00 and if ur poor then just tell ur parents that u want to start saving up money.like holy how hard is that easy as drawing a dot 1 time on a paper.

  26. kd

    Does anyone still have codes for discounted tickets to Canada’s Wonderland would be greatly appreciated 6 of us going would like to save some $$$

    • Justine

      ROGERS10 and ICOKE will get you pretty good discounts, check my post on this earlier this week.

  27. Debs

    Hi there, I am on the web page for Canada’s Wonderland and it won’t accept the codes?

  28. darlene

    For all those who are afraid they are ripping off wonderland, go to travelzoo.com search for the canadas wonderland advertisement, just follow the directives they give ou regarding purchasing tickets at %40 off, I just purchased tickets today online for $31.99

  29. kELLY

    I keep trying to type ROGERS code in and it keep stelling me that it is invalid. Maybe I am in the wrong section to order the tickets?

  30. Kaitlyn

    hey, i am suppose to be going to wonderland in a few days with my buddies. i really wanna use these codes to save some money because i don’t have a lot of money but i am really nervous that it will not work because the most recent date of this is 2007 and its now 2010.. will they still work ? i do not wanna spend money then get there and get turned away or get in trouble seeing as i am still younge so its like a nightmare.

  31. Marianela Liggins

    About internal link. Is the review article link must be placed on every article on our website or simply put the link in the sidebar? Because I noticed that review article link can also be placed in the sidebar and will be indexed in every page of our website.

  32. Maryjo Tousom

    Hi Gabe, I know how you feel. I have had this happen to me twice and it’s really scary. I had several keywords ranking on pages 1, 2 and 3 and they just disappeared. There was nothing I could do but wait and carry on as if everything was alright. Both times mine went missing for about 4-5 weeks then they showed up again.I know its human nature to keep checking morning and night and maybe in between to see if they are back but it can drive you crazy. If possible its best if you can let it go and check once in a while. I’m sure everything will work out fine.Shirley’s last post…Work at Home Job Ideas for Senior’s


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