1. Sobia

    Hi everyone,

    Please check with your location, as when i went to my location they said not until Feb,2013.


    • FallenPixels

      That is strange since they are advertising it all over facebook without mentioning it – will leave some unhappy customers

  2. deemarie

    The $1 McCafe Monday’s are only for hot McCafe, excluding hot chocolate and brewed coffee. It is supposed to start today so I would tell the store to check their email.

    There is another event that starts on Feb 7th until the 17th which is $1 hot McCafe for that whole time period. So perhaps that store has their stuff mixed up

  3. Kary

    yum. love their peppermint mocha! ever since i tried mcd’s speciality drinks i stopped going to starbucks as frequently… i only go for the occasional fraps now. save a lot of money :P

  4. Tarey

    $1 for small coffee, that’s a great start for people to covert to buying Mcd’s food/beverage. Maybe, they will have the same special as the USA, $1.00 for any size. Whenever I shop in the states, I’m always at McD’s for breakfast.

  5. Teri

    Hello Canada,
    I just purchased a small coffee for $1.44 at Bridgeport, Richmond location and the manager states she has never heard of this promo. She did say that they have a promo starting Feb 4/13. She also said that the promo I’m talking about is probably in the states & I said No, it clearly has Canada on the top of this promo. Also, the USA price for their coffee is $1.00 for ANY size all the time. Macdonald’s is falsely advertising!!!

  6. craig

    the mcdees near my place (port moody, bc) stated that the mccafe dollar deal did not include mochas…strange.

  7. Amy

    This deal does not include regular coffee either. McCafe Mondays are for “small hot McCafe specialty coffee”.


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