McDonalds Canada: Dollar Drink Days are back for summer! Only $1 Any Size

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McDonalds is bringing back their $1 fountain drinks, from June 1 – Sept 6, 2010, you can get any size fountain drink for only $1, any time of day. Nice way to cool off in the warm weather.

Thanks to 23edge for sharing this with us!


  1. TL

    Win-win deal for both sides.

    Cheap drinks for consumers in the hot summer days, not to mention you can refill if you drink real fast or share it with a buddy.

    The drinks cost next to nothing for McDonalds. Heck, the cup costs more than the drink itself. Hmm actually, I wonder which one costs McD’s less, the cup or the labour cost of having the person give you the drink…

  2. Kez

    Remember, sometimes it ends up being cheaper to order your sandwich, fries and drink seperately, thank to purchase the Value Menu option. Depending on the sandwich and what size fries you typically like to get.

  3. Litesandsirens911

    I was wondering if they would bring this back this year, glad they are, yay!!

  4. cindy

    Stephania – iced coffees are neither fountain drinks (as written above), or soft drinks (as written in the sign). So you’re correct, iced coffees, along with any other drinks. are full price.

  5. Liz :)

    Cindy —-> Iced coffees may not be soft or fountain drinks, however they are on their bilboard sign & McDonald’s Canada website also confirms it!

    Stephania —> YES!!!! Iced coffees are also 1$!! :D

  6. ripped off

    they charged me a 1.99 and did not give me a reciept. I can’t belive Mcdonalds would rip me off.

  7. Zeeshan

    Hey just wanted to check if iced coffee is bottomless or considered for a refill? and whether fountain drink and an iced coffee can be mixed…cos i saw one customer got it done for no extra pay at afternoon ….and when i asked for the same at evening at the same branch i was politely told no.

  8. Amy


    I was told that there are no free refills for iced coffee, but fountain drinks do qualify for refills.

    As for mixing the two, I’ve never seen it done or tried it, but the difference might be that they use different cups for each kind of drink (clear for coffee; regular for soda), or that with tax, the iced coffee comes out to be $1.05 and the fountain drink $1.13. But if you pay the higher of the two, and have it mixed in whatever glass, I don’t see why they wouldn’t allow you to mix the two, seeing as the promotion does apply to both. You might want to mention that you’ve seen it done before, and point out the price difference, and that you’d be willing to pay the higher amount in tax…there should be no extra pay beyond that.


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