1. hydra

    So, can i just print them off that link (black and white, or color?), or do i need to get them in the mail?

  2. lekate

    I got some in the mail recently too! They’re awesome (2X 20bonus pts when you sppend 20$!!!)

    thanks for letting us know about the ones on the website!

  3. lekate

    Yea, are these printables? I assume so, looks like they were emailed to someone, looking at the URL?

  4. hydra

    On the coupon is says “Not transferable and no photocopies”, so i highly doubt the ones that are linked can be just printed out.

    I signed up on Metro.ca but i am unable to find any place that would give me these coupons

    Wish the OP would post and explain

  5. Diane456

    Tried to redeem printed coupons & was told Metro does not take printed coupons…..

  6. Michelina

    Like above said, Metro doesn’t accept printed coupons. I check airmiles.ca They don’t have a copy or link for these either.

  7. RPNShell

    I printed a set and used them at the Metro in Windsor, ON this morning without a problem.

  8. barbara maunder

    is it here i can change my address?? -address removed- fp .i had metro coupons thru my mail this morning/


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