Nail Polish Canada: Exclusive Discount Coupon Code Save 15%!

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Nail Polish Canada is offering an exclusive coupon code for our readers!  Simply enter the coupon code “SMARTCANUCKS15″ at checkout to receive 15% off your order.  This coupon code also includes sale items.  Shipping is also free on orders over $25.  (It has to be over $25 after the coupon code discount)

Nail Polish Canada carries a wide array of brands such as OPI, Zoya, Essie, China Glaze and Color Club. just to name a few.  I’m actually wearing Color Club right now and I am impressed with how long the colour has stayed chip free.  Color Club has a huge selection of colours from super trendy to fracture.  Average cost is $8 a bottle.  I know I’ll be buying more.

 The coupon code is only valid for one week so hurry!

Bumping up for new readers (posted July 7)


  1. Char

    Thanks! I’ve been looking for a -relatively- cheap site that ships to Canada and stocks OPI! The coupon code is a plus ^^

  2. Katie

    Does nail polish ever expire? I’m thinking about getting this for my boyfriend’s sister as Christmas gift, just worry the polish might get thick and nasty…

  3. Natty

    I find that polish can look gross after a while if you let it sit, but if you shake the bottle around and mix it up it’s usually fine.

  4. k

    It’s a weird idea I know but it’s been proven in a few articles that if you put your nail polish in the fridge, it lasts longer. Obviously, if you have over 100 colours, don’t do it, but if you were giving her a gift of say a pack, then why not?

  5. Abby1

    @ Katie: I think with 6 months you should be fine, but I’m not sure.

    Like Natty said, after awhile it does separate, but you can shake it and it’ll mix again. Eventually nail polish will get sticky, then harden.

  6. Clara

    I wish they would crackle/shatter nail polish was available at retail stores. I don’t feel like springing for another prepaid visa

  7. FunkyMunky

    hm Essie is more expensive on this site then in Trade Secrets?

    also you can find really good and cheaper sellers on ebay (just an FYI)

  8. Sally

    It depends what your looking for funkymunky, some stuff is way cheaper while others is more. I find their deal section had some really nice pricing. I ordered from ebay for some but the shipping killed.

  9. Stephania

    Has anyone tried Sally Hansen Salon Effects? The kind with funky patterns that you stick onto your nails? I’m dying to try the leopard print, but it’s like $10 for 1 application which apparently lasts a week!

  10. IRefuseToPayFullPrice

    Caryl Baker Visage carries OPI Shatter, for those wanting to buy in-store.

  11. meguwo

    Stephania- The Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail stickers are AMAZING!!!! The OPI ones are crap (plus they last for 1-2 days as opposed to 7 days!) I find them SO easy to apply and they last as long as it takes for your nail to grow out. If you don’t mind the re-growth showing they last a LONG time (unless your hands are in water a LOT.)

    Also, Nicole by OPI has come out with the Texture line (which is a crackle)

    I didn’t know Sally was coming out with a crackle??? I still love the stickers though… people always think I am amazing at painting my nails! LOL!

  12. roseofblack25

    gahhhh why did you post this??? I am buying shatter polish and looking for holo polish as we speak LOL

  13. Andrea B

    What a great deal! The prices alone are awesome and love the free shipping over $25! I live in a small town and near to a bigger city where they pretty much sell only OPI (which is great) But it is nice also to have the choice with the other good quality polishes as well! With the cost of gas, I am saving money on these beauties, woohoo!

  14. Katty

    It’s hard to find new colors of Zoya and Essie in Calgary, so this website is awesome, but the prices are still really high for all the other brands! $12.75 for Shatter OPI? Ouch. I’m pretty lucky as I have access to a nail supply store so I pay really cheap prices for OPI, CG, Orly and CC.

    I wish this website sold Nubar too! But I did take advantage of this coupon code and ordered some Essie and Zoya.

  15. Maggie

    $12 for a bottle of OPI???!!! i can find it $8 at my local beauty stores. if anyone wants some, i can ship them to you, but i think shipping costs a lot :(

  16. Sally

    No Meguwo, unfortunately as in my post it was originally posted on the 7th, then I posted I bumped it up for new readers. :)

    Keep your eye out for a new promo.


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