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Purina Canada and save.ca have teamed up to deliver you 3 great coupons that you will make both man’s best friend and your wallet happy. If you don’t have a save.ca account I definitely recommend signing up for one, there are always great coupons up for grabs, sometimes even for free products! The 3 Purina coupons are:

-Buy one get one free one Purina Beneful prepared meals wet dog food
-Save $2 on Purina Dog Chow dog food
-Save $3 on Purina Beneful dry dog food

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  1. Catlady

    Desperately looking for Purina Pro Plan Cat food coupons if any one has any ideas! Thanks!

  2. Beth

    I know that dog! His name is Koby from the USA, but now lives in Nova Scotia (Eastern Shore).

  3. M

    As long as you don’t mind feeding your best friend pretty much 100% Corn & Grains. . . although dogs & cats are carnivores. . .

  4. Beth

    I agree M! We feed raw, nothing better, but you can get some really good pet food if you can’t handle the raw feeding (my husband does it). A good pet food tends to be cheaper in the long run as you feed less (corn and grain are just fillers therefore more “food” is needed). I’m not judging people’s choices as I didn’t know this until a few years ago myself.

  5. M

    “We switched our Chocolates on to Orijen Grain Free, made by Champion Pet Foods, they are a Canadian company who again Won Best “Pet Food of the Year” for 2011. We have also been using some of their other brands, (mixing)
    I wont say what we were feeding prior as it is one of the worst. . . Ignorance if anything was much less costly, but what a difference feeding a Good quality food has made in appearance health & happiness.
    Thinking back. . . I don’t know why I did not look into what were feeding & make better choices earlier.

    Well I have now & our Labs love the change to yummy food, I also feel much better about what I am feeding them & am now used to the increased cost.”

  6. Jean

    A few months ago I was given 2 beautiful cats that had been abandoned. I have already paid the vet over $1,000.00 for needles (to prevent rabies) to be fixed and then declawed– the last one to take place on the 29th 0f this month. I recently picked up purina cat chow to help with fur balls to be given “up”. Inside the pkg. there was 2 attached coupons for kitty litter as well as cat chow -a total of $2.50 off the prices. I thank you for this and so do my healthy cats. Thank you, J.M.


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