1. Eeyah

    Showler beat me :) I was just going to say that 60% off would make them %55.99 not $83.99….Sears needs to learn there math

  2. Ivan

    I even contacted them about it 3 hours ago and the site is still not modified. Sears doesn’t seem to be a company that cares about the customers. :(

  3. honeydoo

    ..and Eeyah needs to learn THEIR grammar ;-)

    I emailed them about it a few hours ago as well.. lol.

  4. Jellisa

    @honeydoo: Eeyah used “there” instead of “their” incorrectly, but YOU used the wrong grammatical context. You should have said, “Eeyah needs to learn HER grammar.” If you’re going to be the grammar police, at least be an educated one. ;)

  5. honeydoo

    i know this, i wanted to use the same word (but correctly) back ;-)

    i also didn’t capitalize my ‘i’! :O

    sears did email me back.. nothing special/helpful though. they didn’t even acknowledge the mistake. kinda weird.


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