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The application for the Target REDcard Debit Card or RBC Mastercard is now available. Apply today to save 5% on almost everything in the store. Use the Target REDcard for pre-authorized debits from your existing personal chequing account, or earn additional rewards toward Target GiftCards on purchases made outside of Target with the RBC Mastercard. Click here for more information and to apply.


  1. Ron

    The debit card connects to your current bank account.. you don’t need to switch banks or anything. Purchases are completed by pre-authorized payment debited from your account.

  2. Michelle

    The debit card acts almost like a cheque since it is not taken from your bank account right away, so you have to make sure you keep the money in the account until it does or target will charge you a $30 service charge. To me that seems like a pain in the butt, Im sticking with my normal bank card. Maybe once I pay off some other debit I may apply for the credit cards but the linking of a bank account just seems like alot of math and receipts to remember.

  3. Emily

    How come almost all merchants are tied up w/ Mastercard? I don’t want to have so many cards and all of them are Mastercard. Why isn’t Visa partnering w/ merchants?


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