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Tim Hortons Roll Up The Rim Back Feb 18th *REMINDER*

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Tim Hortons is bringing back Roll up the Rim on February 18th

Prizes this year are:

  • 40 – Toyota Rav 4
  • 100 – 5000$ Mastercard Prepaid Card
  • 25,000 – 100$ Tim Cards1000 – Napoleon BBQ
  • food prizes (free coffee, donuts etc)

You can also play free online with the “Roll up Roulette”.  Prizes for the online promo are:

  • Coffee for a year
  • Music Downloads
  • 25$ Tim Cards
  • 1 grand prize of a VIP experience with Phillip Phillips, 2 tickets to the concert, meet and greet and more

Thanks for the info heinz

Have you ever won more than the food prizes on this Timmies promo?


  1. 2jk19

    I won the $100 Tims gift card 2 years in a row :) I was super happy about that! Other than that, a couple drink/food prizes and LOTS of please PAY again! lol

  2. Insane

    I wish they would have some sort of scratch card for those who use refillable mugs. You present your mug, they fill it and then hand you an empty cup to roll. Defeats the purpose of using a refillable mug, now doesn’t it?

  3. Jonathan

    I won beyond nothing so I refer to this contest as the “Roll Up The Rim, No Win.” Unless of course you consider Tim Horton’s giving you the privledge of “Please try again” as a prize.

  4. Jenny

    I’ve had pretty good luck with Roll Up the Rims but only on food! I love this promo though – it’s pretty fun because I drink a lot of coffee for university anyway so its an extra bonus.I’m glad we have a Timmies on campus too.

  5. Kary

    I think I won maybe one or two food items for the past 3-4 years of drinking Timmies. Lol :( I also hate actually rolling up the rim. I wish it was a peel off sticker or something!

  6. Shaunah

    A friend one the car three years ago, and another one money last year. I feel like I won a lot more often years ago, but only twice last year (both times food).

  7. Gazpache

    I’ve never even won a food prize! Every cup I’ve ever had was a “sorry try again!”

  8. couponfreak

    My daughter won a lot of coffee 2 year ago(she was 8) seemed like any size she put hot chocolate into it won. My luck this year I will win the fan experience as I have no idea who he is.. it will be like the time I was given George Strait tickets and thought he was Garth Brooks was a good concert but, I really wanted to see the flames and flying Garth did.

  9. Tasha

    I never win anything… however, if I’m with my friend and venting about never winning anything, I seem to win a free donut or free Coffee :) :) She must be a good luck charm!!! lol


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