Umbra Warehouse Sale: Toronto & GTA, This Weekend!

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This weekend, Saturday, December 10th – Sunday, December 11th, the Umbra Warehouse Sale will be taking place at the International Centre! It seems as though this place is gonna be a hub of action with the Parasuco, Fruits & Passions, & The Crocs Sales all taking place in the same building. :)

Finally, this popular sale will be held somewhere slightly more accessible than the CNE! And by accessible, I mean there’s plenty of free parking and it’s a hassle-free drive. No need to pay $20 for parking or deal with traffic!

Umbra is also collecting perishable goods for the Daily Bread Food Bank OR if you make a donation of $2 to Jacob’s Ladder, you’ll receive a free gift.

All the info is on the above poster, but if you need more details, click here to visit the International Centre’s website!


  1. adora

    Parasuco and Fruits & Passions are at Hall 4, different building, like a 15 minute walk.
    Crocs is at Hall 5, I think. It has gone on for over a month. It might be nothing goof left or not that cheap if it’s been warehouse sale for over a month.

  2. disappointed!

    Agreed Khristopher — for those without a car, there is no longer access to this sale! I hope they switch it back to the CNE next year!

  3. teekay

    I’m with @Khristopher; the Umbra sale is something of a tradition for me, and, even though I live in downtown Toronto without a car, it’s been accessible. Not this year, sadly. I’m lucky because a friend has offered to drive, but anyone who is dependent on TTC is probably going to miss out, and I doubt $120 for cab rides ($60 each way) or a slightly less expensive car rental is an option for everyone.

  4. Sarah

    boo to Mississauga! Although I guess it will be better for my wallet that I won’t be going this year…

  5. em

    I prefer International centre, no parking fees, no traffic.

    After all, when there is a sale, you do need a car to carry all your purchases!

  6. Stephania

    Sorry that I forgot to think about the people who rely on public transportation to get to the sale. Of course, the International Centre would be inconvenient for them. However, I agree with @em – How are you gonna carry all those bulky Umbra items?

    Hopefully, you can get a few ppl together and rent a zipcar!

    As a driver, the CNE is a complete NIGHTMARE for a sale. Parking is already $20 and that alone is enough of a deterrent for me to stay away!

  7. Stephania

    Stop hatin’ on Mississauga! At least the “Gravy Train” isn’t runnin’ this town, our transit fare isn’t on the rise – while decreasing service, and isn’t in debt.

  8. kathy

    Ew and even still i wouldn’t consider mississauga. ha ha
    teasing! but I DO LOVE TORONTO! beaches baby

  9. Tvguide

    I went to the Fruit’s and Passion sale yesterday. Realized that the Parasuco sale was the exact same hall. The line up to pay was around the perimeter. I looked around but ended up just walking out. Didn’t really find the prices amazing enough to justify standing in line for over an hour.

  10. glwiz

    Why not hold it in Scarborough where the Umbra office is? Loads of transit lots of space for free parking too!

  11. linguistar

    For those of you who need to commute, GO transit provides service from York Mills or Yorkdale to right in front of the International Center. Check their website for times and further details. I went on this bus ride today and though of those wanting to come to this sale but don´t have a car.

    As for myself, I don´t live too far from the International Center, so it´s nice that they are having it close to home :)

  12. SUSAN

    The International Center is at the airport not that far away, you make it sound as if going to Mississauga was going to Windsor.

  13. SUSAN

    Years ago the sale used to be at the Umbra offices in Scarborough but it was never big enough for all the customers and all the merchandise.


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