Worst Boxing Day discount EVER

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I was cruising around all of the solid deals on Amazon.ca this week and couldn’t help but laugh at the very first item on their Boxing Week page.It showcased a whopping 4% savings on Animal Crossing: City Folk! That’s two whole dollars!

Not that I don’t appreciate the savings, but when you’re trying to push your Boxing Week bonanza, do you really think 4% is a number you want to toss around?


  1. Judy Z

    There have been worse deals than that. Walmart advertised Purex Laundry Soap for their Boxing Week Blowout on the first page of their flyer as 2 for $8. Picked up the same stuff at Walmart the week before for $4 a bottle. WHOOPIE!

  2. asdf

    lol key man engravables, all wallets 50% off, price after discount $25/$15 and price before discount $50/$30(“regular” price) and the week before, regular price= $25/$15 so basically they double their prices and give you a major discount which equals the same price, NOT even a PENNY OFF

  3. Sally

    Amazon’s deals were way better then Chapter’s deals all Chapter’s did was up the suggested MSRP then cut that in half, Horton hears a who was 30$ ”on sale” at Chapter’s while Amazon had the same DVD for 14.99.

    I ended up finding some great cheap deals on Amazon, none on Chapter’s.

    I did notice some weren’t great sale but they at least tried a bit more then Chapter’s

  4. Mel

    I found most boxing day sales weren’t really worth my time :( Unforunate as I could have really used some amazing prices!


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