Canadian Coupons: $5 Off Coupon When You Return 25 Plastic Pots Or Flats To PC Garden Centres

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plastic_potsToday I received the President’s Choice Insider’s Report inside of my Atlantic Superstore flyer. On the back cover is says that there Garden Centres are  giving out $5 coupons, that are good towards your next purchase of $50 or more, when you return 25 plastic pots or flats . They offered this promotion last year and during that promotion they recycled 1.2 million lbs of plastic pots and flats not accepted by Blue Box program. I love this offer and started collecting last year from my family and friends in hopes to would be on again this year. I think is offered at all Loblaws chain stores so check out the one near you.

4 responses to “Canadian Coupons: $5 Off Coupon When You Return 25 Plastic Pots Or Flats To PC Garden Centres”

  1. Sara says:

    These are accepted by the “blue box program”

  2. Valerie says:

    Sounds like a deal until you realize that it is not a $5 coupon but a $5 off purchase of $50 coupon.

    You should have seen me driving around on recycling day to get THE DEAL. I ended up giving my coupons away since I only needed a few things and barely hit $50 of purchases.

  3. Cathy says:

    Any one know if this is good at zehrs too?

  4. jaimie says:

    you know the funny thing is it doesnt say anywhere about only being able to use one coupon….I have been to 2 diffrent superstores and talked to countless people….and there is no answer….so if you are willing to put up a lil stink…..thats alot of free product!

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