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Canadian Coupons: LensCrafters

Just print this LensCrafters coupon and use it to $125 off. Read the coupon for more details.

Lenscrafters Coupon Canada

Canadian Coupons: Master Choice

Master Choice Coupons
Found online Master Choice coupons with over $10.00 in savings. These valuable on-line coupons can be redeemed at any A&P, Dominion and Ultra Food and Drug Store in Ontario. Click here to go the the coupons page and print them out.

Canadian Deals: Toys “R” Us

I was browsing through Toys R Us’s website and I noticed they have loads of good deals this week:

Toys R Us 50% of some stuff

Canadian Deals: Toys

Toys R Us 20% off XBOX 360 Accessories

Canadian Deals: Toys

Toys R Us 25% off all Little Tikes

Canadian Deals: Toys

Toys R Us Bike Sale

Canadian Deals: Toys

Toys R Us Sports Deals

Canadian Deals: Toys

McDonalds Canada Value Picks

Macdonalds ValuePicks

Thanks to Tammy and Steve for pointing out that Mcdeals are over 🙂
Starting from today McDonald’s Canada has the new McDonalds Value Picks: For $1.39 you can get your choice of the following:

Junior Chicken
Bacon Cheeseburger
Double Cheeseburger
2 Apple Pies
Coffee + Muffin

Or you can order the meal to include fries and a pop for $3.99.

This list is not complete. Please let me know of the value picks in your local store and I’ll update this list.

Canadian Deals: Angels & Demons SaleAngels & Demons by Dan Brown is on sale at $6.50 (50% discount). Pretty hot deal! But note that you only get’s FREE Super Saver Shipping if you spend over $39.

Here is Angels & Demons on

Recycle Cell Phone for Free Pizza Pizza Slice

Pizza Pizza is sponsoring the “Earth Month”. Recycle your old cell phone at any Pizza Pizza location in Canada and get a free slice of pizza.

Free Pizza Canada

Burger King Canada King Deals

King Deal CanadaHere the schedule for Burger King’s King Deals Canada. The daily sandwich specials are only $1.79. This might vary slightly from province to province so be careful.

Monday – King Supreme Burger
Tuesday – Original Chicken Sandwich
Wednesday – Whopper
Thursday – Bacon Double Cheese Burger
Friday – BK Big Fish Sandwich
Saturday – Double Cheeseburger
Sunday – Double Whopper Junior Jr.

Burger King Canada

Subway Daily Special Deal Canada
A few months ago Subway introduced their daily $2.99 six inch special: each day a different 6″ sub is only $2.99.

You can also make your $2.99 six inch sub a meal deal for only $2.00. Here are the daily subdeals. Note that they slightly vary from province to province.

Monday – Turkey Breast and Ham
Tuesday – Meatball
Wednesday – Turkey Breast
Thursday – Italian B.M.T
Friday – Tuna
Saturday – Roast Beef
Sunday – Roasted Oven Chicken Breast

McDonald’s McDeal Canada

McDonald's McDeal
For your convenience, I’ve compiled the McDonad’s McDeal Specials here.

McDonald’s Ontario McDeal
Monday – Big Xtra
Tuesday – Big Mac
Wednesday – McChicken
Thursday – 2 Cheeseburgers
Friday – Fillet o Fish
Saturday – Double Cheeseburger
Sunday – Quarter Pounder with Cheese

McDonald’s Nova Scotia McDeal
Monday – Big Xtra
Tuesday – McChicken
Wednesday – Double Cheeseburger LT
Thursday – Quarter Pounder with Cheese
Friday – Fillet o Fish
Saturday – Double Cheeseburger
Sunday – 2 Cheeseburgers

McDonald’s Quebec McDeal (can someone please check this)
Monday – Big Extra
Tuesday – Big Mac
Wednesday – McChicken
Thursday – 2 Cheeseburgers
Friday – Filet O’Fish
Saturday – Quarter Pounder
Sunday – Double Cheeseburger

Canadian Flyers: IGA $1 Event

IGA Flyer $1 EventIt looks like Food Basics has some competition this week. IGA Ontario is having a $1 event too. Find out the items reduced in the IGA Ontario weekly flyer here.

IGA in western Canada isn’t having the $1 event… just regular items on sale. If you live in Manitoba, Saskatchewan or Alberta check this week’s IGA Western Canada flyer here.

Canadian Flyers: Food Basics $1 Sale

Food Basics SalesWhere do you do this week’s grocery shopping? If you live in Ontario the answer is definitely Food Basics. They’re celebrating their 11th anniversary and are having one of their best sales this year. Loads of items are reduced to $1. These include 2L bottle of Coke, Humpty Dumpy, Gatorde, Beaver peanuts, Michelina’s mac and cheese, McCain fries, Aylmer Ketchup, Kraft Mayo and many many more. For more details check the Food Basics flyer here.

Canadian Flyers: 50% off Swiss Herbals

Canadian Flyers: 50% off Swiss Herbals

Shoppers Drug Mart has 50% off Swiss Herbals Vitamins or Natural Health Products. Swiss Herbals is a well known brand with high quality products and vitamins are essential part of life so basically this is a hot deal!

The 50% off Swiss Herbals can be found in this week’s Shoppers Drug Mart Flyer.

Canadian Deals: HBC Sale

Canadian Deals: HBC Sale

HBC are having a 72 hour sale with up to 50% discounts. I had a look at their products and some of the stuff on sale is pretty interesting. Have a look at their reduced items here. Who know, you might find something reduced that you were planning on buying.

Items on sale include (click on the one you’re interested in):

Kitchen and Dining
Health and Wellness

30 Shrimp at Red Lobster

Red Lobster Canada Special OffersPersonally, I’m not a big fan of sea food. I don’t eat lobsters, shrimp or any “strange” looking sea creatures. However, if you’re a shrimp lover, this special offer from Red Lobster is for you:

It’s a shrimp lover’s favourite time of year.
It’s 30 Shrimp at Red Lobster.

That means you can mix and match two preparations like decadent Shrimp Pasta, crunchy Fried Shrimp, classic Popcorn Shrimp or succulent Garlic Shrimp. Or savour a new favourite, Cajun Shrimp. All for only $14.99.

Crave more than 30?
Choose three of your favourites to make 45 Shrimp for only $18.50.
Get more information about this special offer from Red Lobster’s Website here.

Canadian Coupons: Ontario Science Centre

Get 20% off Ontario Science Centre Regular admission fee by printing out and presenting this coupon.

The regular admission fee is $14 for adults, $10 for youth, $8 for children, and $10 for seniors.

So after a 20% discount the prices become $11.2 for adults, $8 for youth, $6.4 for children, and $8 for seniors.

Click here to open the coupon and then print it out and enjoy!

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