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Puma Canada Warehouse Sale


Puma Warehouse sale. Supposedly it’s one of the better warehouse sales out there since they tend to have medium sizes.


The Metropolitan Centre – St. Nicolas Church
3840 Finch Ave East at Kennedy


VIP Night:

April 24, 3pm but you have to buy a $24.99 or $14.99 pass which makes no sense to me. Why would you pay just to go to a warehouse sale!?

Open to public:

Wednesday April 25
Thursday April 26
Friday April 27

Click here for more details on this Puma Canada warehouse sale

Buy 5 Trusted Brands and receive a $10 Walmart Canada Gift Card

Walmart Canada

Trusted brands had this deal last year and here it is again! Awesome deal!

Simply purchase 5 participating Trusted Brands Products at your favourite Wal-Mart Store (all purchases must be made at the one location, on one purchase occasion per household, or organization per day, per envelope, per request, to qualify for the offer).

All request for gift cards must be received no later than July 31, 2007. Please allow 10-14 weeks for your receipt of your card


  • All POISE Pads
  • All GOODNITES Underpands Products
  • Any HUGGIES Diaper, PULL-UPS or BABY WIPES products
  • All KLEENEX Brand Products
  • All KOTEX Brand Products

Click here for more details and to print out the form Canada: 5 cent Listing Today

ebay Canada

Click here for more details on this Canada promotion

Safeway Canada: Sweet AirMiles Deal April 15 – 21

Robert D. Gibb is posting a stunning series of articles on Air Miles on the forum. I found the series very useful and enlightening so I’m posting it on the blog as well.

Robert D. Gibb is a Contributing Editor (DRIPs) at the Canadian MoneySaver Magazine.

This is a good week for the AirMile Deals

1. Buy 5 Get 50 AM House Brands

Last weeks items hould continue this week. Whether the are still onsale is always a consideration in week 2. However, there are a couple of other considerations:

a. House brand OJ was part of the 5/50 @ $3.50/1.89L container. Essentially you’d get 10 AMs/item and @ $0.13/AM you effectively pay $3.50 – (10x 0.13) = $2.20

However, this week Minute Maid 1.89L is $2.50. The difference is only $0.30 and you might feel name brand is worth more.

b. HE Laundry Soap 2.95L. The best the House brand comes on sale is around $5.50. As part of a 5/50 deal that reduces the price to $4.20. (See 2)

2. Week 3 (of 4) of the Spring AirMiles Promo

This promo awards bonus AMs when you buy multiples (usually) of about 50 various name brands. Buy 5 different product offers and earn a bonus 50 AM ($6.50 value). I usually find it hard to find 5 items I want and they’re often high-priced. However, the front page of the flyer usually has one or two inducement products of better value. This week’s is a good one:

Buy 2 Sunlight Laundry 2.95L @ $5.99 and get 50 AM bonus. That’s $3.25 AMs each taking it down to $2.74 each. (See 3) Are there any coupons on Sunlight?

3. Tuesday is “Spend $35 Get 10% Off Day”

If you have the We Care books you could basically get another 10% off using a $2 grocerty and $2 meat coupon

Remember the Sunlight above?

$5.99 @ 20% off is$4.79. Got a $1 coupon $3.79. Add in the $3.25 in AMs earned and you’ve effectively got the Sunlight for $0.54.

4. Name Brand Offers

Just a few of note:

Diana BBQ Sauce $2.99 Buy 2 Get 15/AM

Buy Tuesday @ 20% off (see 3) = $2.40 each and get about $1 in AM each.

Knorr Soups/Broth @ $2 each part of a Buy 8 Get 80 offer. That’s $1.30 AMs each.

Buy Tuesday @ 20% off. That’s $1.60 each. I have coupons worth $0.50 each taking it to $1.10 each and I earn the equivalent of $1.30 each in AMs. That’s an 18% profit!!!!! Outstanding!!!!!!!

Lipton Soup @ $2.50 each part of the same 8/80 offer

Tuesday gets it at $2.00 each plus $1.30 in AMs.


Good Hunting To All!

Costco Canada Coupons West: April 9 – 22

Thanks bcteagirl for posting this on the forum 🙂

Car Care Event

30$ off Twin Stack Compressor
15$ off Wet/Dry Vacuum
2.60$ off All season bleam blade
6$ off Black or Grey Floor mats
3$ off Armor all Protectant
3$ off invisible glass window cleaner
2$ off turtle wax, ice

60$ off Michelin, set of 4 tires (15$ off per tire).
40$ off BFgoodrich set of tires (10$ off per tire).

Looks like all car coupons this week, at least out this way!

Receive a 100 Bonus Aeroplan Miles from participating Quaker and Tropicana products

For a limited time, earn 100 bonus aeroplan miles.

Enter this code 100BONUS online with pins from participating Quaker and Tropicana products at to earn your bonus Aeroplan Miles.

Offer valid from March 31, 2007 to April 30, 2007 at 11.59pm ET. Look in store for specially marked Quaker and Tropicana products to find your pins. Enter a pin for a Tropicana and a pin from a Quaker product along with the promo code 100BONUS.

Limited of one bonus 100 aeroplan miles per Aeroplan Member during the offer period.

Open to Canadian residents Aeroplan Members only.

The Bay Canada: Biggest Sale of the Season

Some good deals at the Bay this week.

Click here to read the flyer

IGA’s Photo Boutique Quebec: 4×6 Prints for 9cents

IGA Canada

Click here for more details on this IGA Quebec photos deal

Gap Canada: 15% off

gap Canada

Click here to print this coupon from Gap Canada’s website

Shoppers Drug Mart Canada: Redeem 75,000 points, get 10,000 back

Shoppers Drug Mart

Click here for more details on this Shoppers Drug Mart Deal

Giant Tiger: Cadbury Creme Eggs 43cents

Giant Tiger Kingston (but I guess the same deal is in other GT stores) has the Cadbury Creme Eggs on sale for 43cents. There are LOADS of eggs left.

Bought 16 creme eggs from there today 🙂

I think I should’ve bought more 🙁

Bunnies & Eggs on Sale

This is a post from last year but is probably valid this year too. I have a flu so sorry I haven’t been able to go hunting for easter deals this year.

Here is last year’s post:

Easter is over, but this only means that bunnies and eggs are going to be on clearance at Shoppers Drug Mart, Pharma Plus, Zellers, Walmart, etc.

I tried finding the best deals out there:

Cadbury EggCadbury EggI went to Shoppers Drug Mart today and they had the Cadbury Eggs (Crème, Peanut Butter and WonderBar eggs) reduced to 59 cents (regular is 99 cents). I’m not sure if this is at all Shoppers Drug Mart branches but from the way it’s priced I can almost 99% guess that it’s on sale at all (or at least Ontario) Shoppers Drug Marts.

EasterEaster Bunny Clearance

Lindt Gold Bunnies are on sale for $1.96 (save $4.00) at Pharma Plus. This offer is in the weekly Pharma Plus flyer.

If you can’t find the Lindt Gold Bunnies at Pharma Plus, Zellers also had them on sale for $2.49 and Staples is expected to reduce them to $2.97.

I also suggest you checkout your local Wal-mart and other grocery stores. The sooner you go the better. By Wednesday, most Easter chocolate will be gone so hurry.

Costco Canada: Signup for a New Membership and Receive $25 Gift Certificate (new code)

Costco CanadaThe old code expired. Here is a new code that expires on May 13, 2007.

Signup at and use coupon code GSWEB6. You’ll get a $25 gift certificate which means that you end up paying $30 for a 1 year Costco membership.

This is for new membership only. However there is a trick to get this deal if you’re currently a member. Say you’re the primary member and your significant other is a secondary card holder. When your membership ends don’t renew and have the significant other who was not the primary member apply as the primary member. Got it? 😉

Just for your information, a lot of people love Costco because it offers rebates, an inexpensive restaurant, bulk quantities (=savings) and 100% customer satisfaction (you can almost refund any item anytime and they will take it back).

Some notes from last time’s comments:

  • This is legitimate.
  • Don’t apply through a Costco store, get rejected (because you don’t have a physical copy of the coupon) and come back complaining/whining. Just apply through for goodness sake 🙂
  • This is for Goldstar membership not business membership.

The code is GSWEB6.

Safeway Canada: Sweet AirMiles Deal April 8

Robert D. Gibb is posting a stunning series of articles on Air Miles on the forum. I found the series very useful and enlightening so I’m posting it on the blog as well.

Robert D. Gibb is a Contributing Editor (DRIPs) at the Canadian MoneySaver Magazine.

1. Week 2 of the 4 Week Name Brand Promo

On this promo about 50 name brand products come with bonus AMs plus if you buy 5 seperate offerings you get an extra 50 AM bonus.

I didn’t see much to turn my crank but they do offer 2 products with big bonuses to get you started. One this week is Cheemo Perogies (907g) Reg: $4.37 On Sale: $3.99 Buy 4 Get 50 AMs.

Safeway’s House Brand is $3.59 (1kg) so you’d have to bump up Cheemo 10% to get an equivalent cost: $3.99 x 1.10 = $4.39

The difference is $4.39 Cheemo – $3.59 Safeway = $0.80

At $0.13/AM that’s about a 6.25 AM difference. On 4 it’s 25 AMs.

So the name brand has a 25 AM advantage this week.

However, the house brand will likely be on sale and part of a Buy 5 Get 50AMpromotion soon enough so I personally will skip this offer.

2. Buy 5 Get 50 AMs on House Brands

Not a lot of items this week and they didn’t have the little handbill at Customer Service this morning that tells exactly which items are eligible the next two weeks. That is sometimes a problem when staff forget to take down old signs or put up new ones correctly.

Regardless, here are a few that are also on sale. Remember, eligible items on sale week 1 often are not in week 2. Regular price appears first, sale price 2nd:

Select Verdi Spaghetti sauces (700ml) 3.99/3.50
Quick Cooking Oats (2.25 kg) 5.24/3.49 = 33.3% off
Flour (5kg) 5.49/4.99
Frozen Lasagna (907g) 5.55/4.49 = 20% off
Ultra laundry soaps liquid (2.95L) 6.29/5.49

Not on sale but cottage cheese and processed cheese slices are eligible.

Guess Canada Warehouse Sale in Toronto (also includes Mexx, Firetrap, Bench ,Hooch)

Guess Canada

Got an email from the organizers of the warehouse asking me to notify you guys of their first ever Toronto warehouse sale.

Incredible savings on many of the world’s hottest fashion brands for men and women featuring Guess?. Also included will be, Mexx, Firetrap,Bench ,Hooch & assorted footwear.

60-90% off denim, tops, handbags, dresses, shorts, skirts, jackets, outerwear , footwear and much much more.

You can log onto and recieve a VIP invitation to the first day of the sale & discount coupons.

– Denim jeans only $ 35.00 or 2prs for $ 60.00(regularly up to $ 198)
– Handbags starting at $ 30.00 (regularly over $ 100.00)
– Tops starting at $ 15.00
Free admission

Free parking


Toronto International Centre



5 days only from April 25- April 29 , 2007

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