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Shoppers Drug Mart Canada: Redeem points & get some back – Atlantic only

Thursday March 8 and Friday March 9, 2007:

Redeem 40,000 optimum points and get 10,000 points back
Redeem 75,000 optimum points and get 20,000 points back

No coupon is required

These points are worth:

At Shoppers Drug Mart (all of Canada except for Quebec Atlantic provinces only):

Shoppers Drug Mart Canada

Update: this is for Atlantic customers only

Apple Canada: Refurbished iPod Videos, Nanos and Shuffles

Apple Canada iPods

Apple Canada’s Refurbished section is now selling current generation of iPod videos, nanos and shuffles including the iPod nano red.

Current generation

Refurbished iPod shuffle 1GB – Silver $69.00

Refurbished iPod nano, 2GB – Silver  $139.00
Refurbished iPod nano 4GB RED Special Edition $199.00
Refurbished iPod nano, 4GB – Silver  $199.00
Refurbished iPod nano, 4GB – Green $199.00
Refurbished iPod nano, 4GB – Blue $199.00
Refurbished iPod nano, 4GB – Pink $199.00
Refurbished iPod nano 8GB RED Special Edition $249.00
Refurbished iPod nano, 8GB – Black $249.00

Refurbished iPod 80GB – White $349.00

Previous generation

Refurbished iPod shuffle 1GB $59.00
Refurbished iPod nano 1GB – White $95.0
Refurbished iPod nano 2GB – White $119.00
Refurbished iPod nano 4GB – White $155.00
Refurbished iPod nano 4GB – Black $169.00

Click here to start shopping for refurbished iPods at Apple Canada store

Toot Toot! Canadian Coupon Train!

bcteagirl is starting a Canadian coupon train 🙂

Canada's Coupon Train

Thanks for the dazzling idea bcteagirl 🙂 and sorry for stealing the title 😉

Click here for more info on bcteagirl’s train

If you don’t know what/how a coupon train works, has a clear explanation:

A coupon train is a great way to get coupons you can use and pass along the ones you can’t use.

How does a coupon train work?

When someone decides to start a train, this person is called the Conductor. The Conductor will set all the rules for the train — name of the train, how many passengers, how many coupons, and what type of train it is going to be (see below for types of coupon trains). The Conductor will make a post in the Train Forum setting the rules, and if you are interested in joining their train, you will send them your NAZ and they will add you to the list.

Once the list has the set number of passengers, the Conductor will make up an envie of coupons and send them out to the first person on the train list, with an enclosed list of all the other passengers. When the first person on the train receives the envie, they will take out all the coupons they think they can use, and take out any expired coupons, or soon to expire coupons. Then they add any coupons they can’t use and send it off to the next person after them. This continues until the last person on the train sends it back to the conductor and the train is complete. Usually then the conductor will ask if all the passengers would like to go around again.

There are many different types of trains people create:

*Baby Train – This train only involves baby coupons

*Pet Train – This only involves pet coupons

*Non-Insert Train – This train only has coupons that are not found in the Sunday paper inserts

*Food Only Train – This train contains only food coupons

*Potluck Train – This is a train that has a little bit of everything.

There is also a Round Robin train, which is a bit more complicated, but a lot of fun. The way this works is the Conductor will gather a list of people who wish to join the train. The conductor will assign everyone a NAZ, and instead of just the conductor mailing out one envie to the first person, everyone will mail out an envie on a set date to the NAZ assigned to him or her. When you receive your envie from the person who was assigned your NAZ, you will take out the coupons you want, take out all the expired coupons, and add any coupons you don’t want and send it to your assigned NAZ. The result of this is everyone on the train will be receiving and mailing out coupons every couple days, as opposed to a regular train where it might take several weeks to make a round because it has to wait and go to each person one at a time.

If you are new to the whole coupon train idea, then I suggest being a passenger on a couple of them first, until you get the hang of how they work.

Click here to join the Canadian coupon train or ask bcteagirl questions regarding the coupon train

Rogers and Bell Canada to offer free Unlimited Cell Phone & Landline Phone Calls

This info is fresh off the oven. I had a meeting with some of the guys working at Bell Mobility yesterday and they mentioned that they’ll be offering a bundle/package where users can place as many calls as they wish for free. They also mentioned that Rogers will have a very similar offer. Here is how it will work:

You’ll need to buy a bundle from say Bell. For example you must have your landline phone, cell phone and Internet service all through them (sorry I don’t know what the bundles will include, maybe Internet won’t be necessary, I’m just guessing). You can then place free calls to any phone number (including cell phones) that are subscribed to Bell.

So here’s a possible scenario and I’ll use Rogers for my example coz they are well known for their cell phone services. Let’s say your parents subscribe to a Rogers bundle and you do the same. You will be able to phone your parents or other Rogers subscribers on their cell phone or Rogers digital home phone for free anytime of the day as long as both of you are in Canada.

This can end up saving you $$$ especially if you talk on your cell phone a lot. The only drawback is that Bell, Rogers and Telus will not cooperate so placing a phone call between two different providers will be costly.

Shoppers Drug Mart Canada 20X Event TODAY

Shoppers Drug Mart Canada

The special 20x day is finally here! If you’re on the chain remember that you won’t get any referral points unless you actually shop today and spend $50 or more. Also don’t forget to take your 20x coupon.

Here’s an idea of what you could buy from Shoppers today:

  • Milk is reasonably priced at SDM
  • Valentines chocolate and gifts are still on sale at some stores
  • Easter and Saint Patricks chocolate
  • Tissue (the Life brand tissue quality is fine and inexpensive)
  • Diapers, baby food, wipes, etc.
  • Vitamins – you’ll almost always find some vitamins on sale at SDM
  • Tylenol, Aspirin and other OTC durgs
  • Electronics – yes, beleive it or not most SDM stores sell iPods, digital cameras, etc.

You can also read Shoppers Drug Mart flyer here online before leaving

Enjoy your optimum point hunting and when you’re back leave a comment telling us what you got from Shoppers 🙂

Dominion / A&P Canada flyer: 8 MC BBQ Burgers for $3.99

The MASTER CHOICE Mammoth Beef Burger is on sale at A&P / Dominion for $4.99 in this week’s flyer. You can save an extra $1 by using this coupon. An awesome deal for these delicious burgers and right before the BBQ season.

Click here to read the A&P / Dominion flyer

VIA Rail Canada Visa Perks Discount – it’s Back!!

Via Rail CanadaThis is by far one of the best Via Rail deals I’ve come across. If you use your visa card and book online you save 35% and there’s no catch 🙂

Purchase your ticket online with your Visa card and obtain a 35% discount on the adult Regular fare in Comfort class aboard VIA Rail trains anywhere across Canada. Enter your E-mail address on the VIA Rail information page and you will receive an email from VIA Rail with an eCoupon code. Use the eCoupon code to reserve online for your discounted fare on travel before June 30, 2007.

For more details and to get this Via Rail Visa discount click here 

Expires June 30, 2007

VIA Rail Canada Student Discount (50%) from VIA Campus

Via Rail CanadaTravelling soon?

Here is an awesome VIA Rail Canada discount for students

Click here to get a 50% VIA RAIL e-coupon

(expires April 30, 2007)

Greyhound Canada Companion Discount: 75% Off

Greyhound CanadaBring a companion (either a child or an adult) for 75 percent off ($15 minimum one-way and $30 return, plus GST) when you buy one adult, senior or student ticket with a minimum value of $60 one-way or $120 return at the regular walk-up price at least three days in advance of travel. Offer good for both one-way and round-trip tickets.

Click here for more details on the Greyhound Canada Companion Discount

Lick’s Homeburgers & Ice Cream Canada: Customer Appreciation Day

Lick's Canada
Click here for more details and Lick’s Homeburgers store locations

Greyhound Canada: Student Passes & Discounts

Greyhound Canada

Greyhound Canada is offering a whole bunch of student passes and discounts. You need to present your student ID to get these passes for the prices below.
Greyhound Canada Student Passes:

Ontario Flex Pass (20 tickets)
Ontario Routes Fares
Cambridge to Toronto $234.87
Guelph to Kitchener $107.00
Guelph to Toronto $224.17
Kitchener to Toronto $234.87
Flex Pass (20 tickets)
Voyageur Fares
Kingston to Ottawa $340.00
Kingston to Smith Falls $210.00
Montreal to Ottawa $346.00
Ottawa to Smith Falls $160.00
10 Trip Pass
10 One Way Trips Fares
Toronto to Barrie $87.74
Toronto to Buffalo $154.08
Toronto to Grimsby $102.72
Toronto to Niagara Falls $146.59
Toronto to Orillia n/a
Toronto to Peterborough n/a
Toronto to St. Catharines $125.19
Toronto to Welland $202.23
Yorkdale to Barrie n/a
Yorkdale to Orillia n/a
20 Trip Pass
20 One Way Trips Fares
Toronto to Buffalo $331.70
Toronto to Grimsby $203.30
Toronto to Niagara Falls $331.70
Toronto to Peterborough $200.09
Toronto to St. Catharines $281.41
Toronto to Welland $385.20
Montreal – Ottawa Monthly Saver Pass
Montreal – Ottawa Fares
Montreal to Ottawa $420.51
Ontario Monthly Saver Pass
Ontario Routes (Daily Travel) Fares
Toronto to Barrie n/a
Toronto to Buffalo $408.74
Toronto to Cambridge* n/a
*Also valid Guelph to Toronto
Toronto to Grimsby $208.65
Toronto to Guelph n/a
Toronto to Kitchener* n/a
*Also valid between Cambridge or Guelph and Toronto
Toronto to Niagara Falls $440.84
Toronto to Peterborough n/a
Toronto to St. Catharines $312.44
Toronto to Waterloo Sun Life n/a
Ontario Weekly Commuter Pass
Ontario Routes Fares
Guelph – Kitchener $44.94
Toronto – Cambridge $112.35
Toronto – Guelph $101.65
Toronto – Grimsby $84.53
Toronto – Kitchener $112.35
Toronto – Niagara Falls $127.33
Toronto – Peterborough $127.33
Toronto – St. Catharines $117.70
8 Day Unlimited Pass
Voyageur Fares
Hull to Montreal $191.00
Gatineau to Montreal $191.00
Kingston to Ottawa $143.81
Kingston to Smith Falls $94.37
Montreal to Ottawa $149.05
Ottawa to Smith Falls $71.90
Ontario Same Day Return
Friday and Sunday Travel
Cambridge to Toronto $24.95
Guelph to Kitchener $12.35
Guelph to Toronto $23.95
Kitchener to London $32.00
Kitchener to Toronto $24.95
Toronto to Buffalo $37.01
Grimsby to Toroonto $17.71
Niagara Falls to Toronto $30.22
Peterborough to Toronto $22.24
St. Catharines to Toronto $23.55
Toronto to Welland $36.26
Monday – Thursday, or Saturday Travel
Belleville to Toronto $35.00
Cambridge to Toronto $21.95
Guelph to Kitchener $12.35
Guelph to Toronto $20.95
Kitchener to London $18.00
Kitchener to Toronto $21.95
London to Toronto $42.00

Greyhound Canada Student Discounts

Student Price Card: The Student Price Card entitles you to 25% off regular adult fares when you present a valid student ID.

ISIC: Students with a valid International Student Identity Card (ISIC) receive 25% off an adult ticket. Discounts for student cards apply to adult regular one-way or return fares only.

Companion Fares: Save big when you travel with a buddy. Buy one regular fare ticket and get the second ticket for 75% off ($15 minimum one-way and $30 round trip, plus GST).

Compassion Discount: A 20% discount is available for passengers traveling to/from the funeral of an immediate family member.

The Body Shop Canada: Love Your Body Club

The Body Shop Canada

This membership is good if you’re a regular Body Shop customer. Otherwise it’s not worth spending $10 on the membership:
The $10 Club Membership allows you these benefits:

  • 10% off all purchases from The Body Shop for one year including The Sale and all Value Offers
  • A birthday gift when you come in during your birthday month, retail value up to $10 (if you provided us with your birthday)
  • Exclusive updates on what’s happening in our shops
  • Special offers by e-mail (if you provided us with an e-mail address)
  • Customer appreciation days
  • Rewards with fourth and eighth qualifying purchase* **
  • A gift on the 4th eligible* purchase of more than $25.00 (maximum Gift retail value of $15)
  • A gift on the 8th eligible* purchase of more than $25.00 (maximum retail value $25) and free Membership renewal for a year on 8th eligible purchase starting on that date

Click here for more details on “The Body Shop Love Your Body Club”

Shoopers Drug Mart 20x Secret Event: Join the Referral Train/Chain :-)

Shoppers Drug Mart Canada

Thought I’d keep everyone up-to-date of the Shoppers Drug Mart chain progress so far.

Things have been going nice and smoothly. Thank you everyone for your patience during the sign up process and thanks for preparing everything before contacting me 🙂

You can view the chain status and who is on the chain here

I’m still be adding many more people and will continue to do so all the way until March 3rd. If you want to join the chain please add [email protected] to your msn messenger list and let me know when you’re ready.

Please read the details and FAQs here

Happy Optimum Points hunting 😉

VIP Student Price Card (SPC) for non-Students


I posted this a long long time ago so thought I’d post it here again for those who missed it the first time round.

So you’re not a student but you still want to make use of the loads of shopping benefits the Student Price Card (SPC) offers? Here’s the solution:

Subscribe to Lou Lou magazine for 1 year for $17.95 here and you’ll get an SPC VIP card. On this VIP card it says “Student ID Not Required VIP”.

Even for $17.95 (instead of $10 for the regular SPC) I still think this card is worth it. You’ll also get Lou Lou magazine which in my honest opinion is one of the more interesting and useful magazines out there. I think it’s much better than Roger Publishing’s other fashion magazine, Flare.

To get this VIP SPC card and Lou Lou subscribe here

General Mills Canada: The Free Cineplex Movie Admission Continues

This is from this week’s A&P/Dominion flyer:

General Mills Canada

You get a free movie ticket with cereal that costs $3.99… An awesome deal

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