Chapman’s Canada: Request Your $4 Coupon For 2018

Chapman’s Canada has been fantastic enough to offer a yearly coupon for their products for as long as I can remember now. You can now request your coupon for 2018!

In previous years the coupon has been for $4 off the purchase of any Chapman’s products, which means you can usually pick up two cartons of the regular ice cream when on sale for $2 or less, making this an amazing coupon to have. To request your coupon for this year, visit Chapman’s online by clicking the link below. Click “Contact Us” at the top of the page, and write a brief message letting them know how much you love their products, and ask for your yearly coupon, providing your name and mailing address.

Be patient when waiting for you coupon to arrive as I’m sure the number of requests they start to receive in the new year is incredible. It may take a couple of months but it will come. Also, please limit your requests to one per household.

Click here to request your Chapman’s coupon for 2018. 

32 responses to “Chapman’s Canada: Request Your $4 Coupon For 2018”

  1. Gail Chapeskie says:

    Hi….just requesting my yearly product coupon please!

  2. Cory Biglow says:

    Hi, luv your ice cream ! Thanks in advance for my yearly coupon 🙂

  3. Kathleen says:

    Love your ice cream, thank you for the coupon.

  4. charles lancaster says:

    regular user of your products. requesting my 2018 coupon. thanks again

  5. tracy says:

    this page is for smartcanucks….you need to click on the link to go to the chapmans site. give your name and address so they know where to send the coupon

  6. Tracy Houston says:

    Would love a coupon please

  7. Sampler says:

    ^^ Guys, you have to go to the websites contact us form and request the coupon with your address

  8. Denise M Stone says:

    Requesting my 2018 coupon, please. Love the product and that it is CANADIAN!!

  9. Karen Tennant says:

    Thanks for my $4 coupon!

  10. Love you products! Thanks for the $4.00 coupon.

  11. Joan Campbell says:

    Love your products.

  12. Joan Campbell says:

    Love your products would like the $4 coupon.

  13. Debra Brooks says:

    Please send me a coupon. Thank you!

  14. EMILY says:



  15. Kuldip says:

    I like ur Product

  16. Bonnie Van Drimmelen says:

    Enjoy so many of your products can’t begin to list. Thanks in advance for my free coupon.

  17. claude forcier says:

    pour coupon rabais $4.00

  18. claude forcier says:

    505 girouard est unite 202 st-hyacinthe qc j2s 7z1

  19. Mary Lake says:

    The best ice cream I ever had. The only kind I buy.

  20. Jacinthe Pomerleau says:

    Crème glacier préférée

  21. Alain Samson says:

    Crème glacier préférée

  22. Cheri peters says:

    Your products ate the best

  23. Cheri peters says:

    We love your products

  24. Jame McIntyre says:

    Thank You! I like your ice cream!

  25. Jen says:

    Requesting for my $4.00 off coupon please. Love your products!

  26. Jacqueline says:

    Requesting for the $4.00 off coupon please. Love your products!

  27. Weldon Guthreau says:

    Requesting for the $4.00 off coupon please. Love your products!

  28. G. Rosenblum says:

    Loved The mango & sticky rice gelato but haven’t been able to find it. Has it been discontinued?
    Would appreciate the $4 coupon

  29. G. Rosenblum says:

    Loved The mango & sticky rice gelato but haven’t been able to find it. Would appreciate the $4 coupon

  30. Paul stach says:

    Would like coupon or coupons for your product as it is the o ly one I buy, thank you

  31. Ann Mussell says:

    Love your ice cream we buy every week would love coupon thank you

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