Ontario is Offering 100,000 FREE Smart Thermostats (Ecobee & Nest) *HOT*

Ontario residents can get a FREE smart thermostat and home energy review effective immediately. This program is available to 100,000 households in a bid to help cut greenhouse gas emissions.

The FREE Thermostats program is only open to people in one of the following house types:

  • detached homes
  • semi-detached homes
  • townhomes
  • row homes.

This is a first come first serve program so register ASAP to get your FREE Thermostat!

Click here to get your FREE Thermostat

23 responses to “Ontario is Offering 100,000 FREE Smart Thermostats (Ecobee & Nest) *HOT*”

  1. SuzyQ says:

    This after the Auditor General said we overpaid for the government’s green energy plan by some $37 billion

    • Ilona says:

      I think the money is coming from the cap and trade tax on home heating etc.
      I think the Liberals are desperate. They are giving so many goodies.
      Hmmm. Election? June 4, 2018?

      • John says:

        Gas Prices / Heating bill is going up by about 5% in near future specially the C&T prices… Liberal thinks by giving away (our hard earned money) they can still win it… I don’t think so it will that easy…

  2. Margaret says:

    I tried it comes up server error

  3. Rosie says:

    not working…

  4. sum says:

    not working as well.

  5. Christy says:

    Works for me…but they come to your house to install it?!…

  6. Has says:

    Try this link it works.
    Scroll down and click on sign up now for free thermostats

  7. Christopher says:

    You have to have someone come to your house, you can’t strictly get a Nest thermostat for free; there is probably a string attached.

    Not really a great deal.

  8. Brother Mahen Sundar says:

    So I called them and they advised that although the Thermostat is free, I would have to pay $425 for installation.

  9. BHL says:

    This blog post is misleading… shows a NEST but you wont get a NEST. You’re far more likely to get one by Sinope. Other power companies have provided similar programs across the country and they were all given Sinope Smart Thermostats. — In fact, I participated in my province. They provided 4 thermostats for me in key areas of my house. — I got to keep them afterward.

  10. BHL says:

    added — they were installed for free by my power company. There is no cost to me. I just had to answer regular questionnaires and allow for remote-control of my thermostats (they never adjusted more than a few degrees, and I was always allowed to re-adjust). The idea is to prove that staggering morning startup times for heat in the winter among homes prevents large burst and loads on the generating plants.

  11. Janine Wilson says:

    is there an installation fee. Why does someone need to come to the home

  12. Christopher says:

    hahaha, I told you. Gullible’s.

  13. johnb56789 says:

    Directly from the Government of Ontario website:
    “This includes the new GreenON Installations program, which opened early registration today. Interested and eligible households can register to have a Green Ontario Fund-trained technician visit and install a smart thermostat at no cost.”

  14. Estela silvera says:

    Hope it’s for real and anything that will help our environment without costing us more sounds great to me. Thank you

  15. Jeremy Cski says:

    Does this mean that they can turn off your air conditioning or heating during emergencies?

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