Roots Canada Save Up To 50% Off Winter Clearance Sale


Roots Canada is having a winter clearance sale with savings of up to 50% off.  I took a quick peek online and found that they have a lot of graphic tees and hoodies on sale, making them somewhat affordable.  Click here to check out the sale online.

3 responses to “Roots Canada Save Up To 50% Off Winter Clearance Sale”

  1. Fawny says:

    Some of these items are great! I purchased some before xmas, but beware that Roots has a penchant for posting/mailing incorrect colors. So if you order a grey sweater, there’s a small chance you’ll get an oatmeal one (or whatever other options are available for that item). Their customer service is generally friendly but utterly useless to resolve the issue though. I would say that the sale is worth a try, but know that their website and their customer service has some serious issues (even their customer service managers are not helpful).

  2. Dave says:

    Does anyone knows if their “Original Sweatpants” ever go on sale? I just got a pair for $60. Wondering if I should wait to get a second pair.

  3. Fawny says:

    Sometimes they have “sweats sale” – they had this offer this past Nov/Dec in which if you spent over a certain dollar amount (probably $100 or so), they gave a discount of $25 (or something like that). I’m new to their mailing list and in-store offers though, so hopefully they offer this more than once a year :o) Good luck!

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