Sears Canada March Madness Sale Day 4 Deals


Wow, day 4 already! Today’s deals are Mens Levi Jeans select styles 40% off! Regular $69.99 on for $41.99 until March 14th only.

Click here to check out the styles.

Btw, if that guy was saying something in the time that pic was taken what do you think he was saying?

My guesses:

 Honey, are you sure my butt looks ok in these?


 Do I put the thumbs in the front or in the back pockets, decisions decisions…..

6 responses to “Sears Canada March Madness Sale Day 4 Deals”

  1. IRefuseToPayFullPrice says:

    I think he’s saying “Can you tell I’m flexing?” Lol!

  2. Natalka says:

    “Look, Ma, I can write my name in the snow, no hands!”

  3. Crystal says:

    “Dont’cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me”

  4. Laura says:

    I thought that was boo radley’s butt he was styling off in those jeans…lol

  5. Leanne says:

    Now, what was it I came in here for…

  6. MoneyIsForSquares says:

    These are cheaper in store. They’re 39.99 (41.99 for 501s) They’ll be half price tomorrow morning though.

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