Subway Canada: ALL Regular Footlongs $6

Subway Canada: ALL Regular Footlongs $6

I passed by Subway today and they had banners everywhere in the store for their new promo: All Regular footlongs are $6 only! An awesome deal! The discount applies to all the common and regular subs but does not apply to wraps, premium subs or “double-stacked” sandwiches. I guess this would be equivalent to the $5 footlong deal in the US which we see commercials for on TV.

The Subway I went to was in Kingston. However I asked the employees and they said it was nationwide. BUT after the events of the last Subway promo and knowing how crappy Subway’s customer support and marketing departments are, I’m not giving any guarantees that this promo is available at your local Subway, although it should.

57 responses to “Subway Canada: ALL Regular Footlongs $6”

  1. Khristopher says:

    The only way this deal would be any good is if the footlong subs were $2. Otherwise go to Mr.Sub or make your own subs at home.

  2. kris says:

    What is considered a “premium” sub, because my regular sub is the steak and cheese, if this is considered a “Premium” than this deal is a bust for me.

  3. Boo Radley says:

    Steak and cheese would be regular I believe. Premium are the unknown ones that no one ever buys lol

  4. sally says:

    Last night when I was watching tv they had these advertised, for 5 bucks in the USA!
    There charging us a dollar more lol!

  5. Joey says:

    Hey! I just got back from Subway and paid $5.xx for a 6 inch! What the hell!?

  6. Don Craig says:

    Just Called the New Hamburg On store.. they say what, no way, that is in the US…. But then again they hire only former MD’s people

  7. Linds says:

    I just went to one in London, they had no clue what I was talking about… we all paid full price for our subs. Not a big deal, but the customer service is horrible. Also, they said that deal was only state side.

  8. Brad says:

    I was at the Subway at Bloor and Dufferin and the big sign in the window said $5.00 for all footlongs.
    On the counter there was a store made sign saying the premium subs (steaks etc) were all $6.00

    I had a footlong Italian BMT, only $5.00

  9. consumatrix says:

    I just went to the Ottawa (Carlingwood Mall) location and there is no special on there. So maybe this is only a few stores?

  10. Pleasant Girl says:

    I’d be super impressed if the deal was for a footlong from Quiznos.

  11. Dan says:

    It’s only at select Subway stores- its in Windsor! (not most of GTA)

  12. Leanna says:

    I work at the Subway in Calgary, Alberta and we got a notice from out DA (area manager) that that promotion was voted down in our area. I’m not sure where ‘our area’ lies, so it might just be Calgary, Alberta, or Western Canada that is not part of this promotion.

  13. Brooke says:

    I was at the Hawthorne location in Ottawa yesterday as well and there were no deals.

  14. ONmomofthree says:

    London store said NO WAY too

  15. Jay says:

    Hope is eternal that subway might one day actually have a promo that their franchisees know about! Kinda like their anniversary special that was listed here a while back… none of the franchisees knew about it either. It borders on illegal “bait and switch”.

  16. Lily says:

    I wonder if Toronto has this deal, if not I’m moving to Kingston.

  17. dawger says:

    Not available in Newfoundland.

  18. Kelly says:

    Yep…I’ve seen it in Kingston as well 🙂

  19. uumirza says:

    Selected stores only!

  20. Brad says:

    I say we start a boycott, that might get them interested in having franchisees stand behind the offers

  21. suzan says:

    i went to the one on bloor st and dufferin toronto
    bought a footlong turkey for $6..

  22. carol says:

    I’d just like to say that it’s available in Montreal. (I saw it advertised at the Subway near Metro Outremont. Haven’t tried it yet.)

  23. Martin says:

    Is this 6 dollar footlong deal a national promotion because my SUBWAY on Islington near the Queensway say there not taking part of it.

  24. Aaron says:

    hey i was just wondering if anyone new if the deal was available in New Brunswick like st john sussex area?

  25. Amanda says:

    Do the Toasted ones count?

    Also do they do only certain ones everyday or whatever one you want?

  26. Boo Radley says:

    Amanda, yes toasted ones count. All subs everyday 🙂

  27. Peter says:

    You pay for quality, is their bread even real? it smells funny.

  28. wenofrog says:

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  29. headenglandy says:

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  30. Tammy says:

    The 5 buck deal is only American, and the steak sub is considered a premium, the only ones you get in Canada for $6 is the ham, meatball, veggie, cold cut combo and the pizza sub.

  31. Just Me says:

    The $5 deal is back on in Ontario. Just started yesterday and will go to end of February.

    $3.29 for 6″.

    This is for their Classic Menu items – Veggie, Pizza, meatball, ham and cold cut combo.


  32. LondonSubway says:

    London, Ontario now has the $5 footlong Classic Menu (meatball, veggy, cold cut, pizza sub, and ham), all day, every day! If you love this deal, please come more often and tell your friends & family to do likewise. Subway owners need to sell at least 23% more sandwiches in order to make it both a win/win for both customers and store owners. This is a better deal that in the US because 5 US Dollars is likely paying $5.75 Canadian.

  33. Natalie says:

    The Subways in Cambridge, ON have had 5.00 footlongs since last summer. Its awesome cheaper and healthier than Mcdonalds.

  34. LondonSubway says:

    “Just me” indicated that $5 footlongs are ending in February. For all of London and most of southwestern ontario, $5 footlongs are here to stay permanently, all day, every day!

  35. gomo2010 says:

    Anybody seen if British Columbia is at the $5 prices?

  36. liv says:

    Watching the tube yesterday, I seen part of a Subway ad saying 5 Dollar Footlongs and “ALL”. But it was changed before I seen the whole ad. I don’t remember the channel it was on, so it might be a USA thing, but it definetly caught my attention!Anybody know anything more?

  37. Disappointed says:

    I have finally given up on Subway in Embrun. The $6 deal does not exist there and they never seem to have the bread – always out – on my past 2 visits. This latest screw up was the last chance to keep me as a customer.

  38. Joel says:

    All the Subway locations in Ottawa have had $5 footlongs for as long as I can remember.

  39. TaraF says:

    To the last few comments here, this original post was April 23, 2008 so I’m quite sure the promo isn’t running anymore guys.

  40. Ally says:

    $5 footlongs are all over GTA, there are a few that dont but most due. quiznos has a similar deal too. combos for $6

  41. Joe Schmoe says:

    The $5 Dollar foot-long deal is on a franchise by Franchise basis, Some stores only offer regular subs for $5.00 and charge the regular price for premium or select subs.

    Some franchises are cool and only charge $6 for premium / select subs like the one fellow was saying quite a few comments ago.

  42. you are says:

    Yeah it’s not availible to the store I go to, which is totally unfair. Btw I have never seen a subway sandwich that looks like the one in the picture above.

  43. stue says:

    ya the rags in subway in morinville ab. where telling me thats its only in the states. some wokers they have

  44. stue says:

    for that 5 dollar sub of any kind

  45. Credit says:

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  46. Marian says:

    At the Subway in Lively Ont. near Sudbury the prices for a Ham/veggie/meatball/coldcut/pizza sub remain at $5, however in the near future, expect to see all foodstuffs in both grocery stores and food services (including fast foods) increasing. Still, SUBWAY is far and away the most healthy and nutritious than most. Price wise, in certain demographic areas, it is possible to cost more to “make it at home.”

  47. MatT says:

    Subway @ home depot has this deal in mississauga on dundas

  48. Angela T says:

    They have this deal in belleville,ontario I just bought it,very few to choose from though only like 4 or 5 subs with this deal.

  49. steve says:

    well in quebec footlongs are 5 bucks and now you can get 4 6 inches (different) for 9.99

  50. Elvis says:

    Subway @ Surrey, BC near the 128th Street and 76th Avenue does not have $5 footlong too. That sucks. It is the closest Subway from work.

  51. Elvis says:

    Do not go to Subway @ Surrey, BC near the 128th Street and 76th Avenue does not have $5 footlong too. Subway Headoffice must enforce to all branches. It is unprofessional.

  52. Ros says:

    I must agree with others — do not go to Scarborough Town Centre Subway or Kennedy Commons Subway, Toronto neither of them offer the $5 footlong. Subway Headoffice must look into the false and misleading advertizing that is going to cost them.

  53. Willy says:

    I went to one outside of Toronto and you had to buy 3 footlong subs at regular price before your fourth one was only $5! What a rip off! Plus, it was only good after 4:00 pm, yet they advertise the breakfast subs in their commercials. Total rip off.

  54. Joe says:

    In Mississauga there were no deals. Even the Tuna was $6.50 Only the cold cuts were at the regular price of $5! The false advertising in Canada is amazing!

  55. Ray says:

    I think subway should do like quiznos have a few subs 12″long at $5 year round.

  56. terry coptin says:

    our subway-chestermere alberta had classic subs @6.49 and i dont go often but compared to my last visit 6 mons ago,they have cut back on portions and quality. footlong cold cut had 6 pieces of meat cut so thin you could see thru it.the toppings were as bad 3 tomatoes,4 pieces of onionand green pepper hardly any black olives, iasked for more veggies as she was making it she said iwould have to PAY for extra veggies very poorly run. if i want a sub i drive to calgary to MR SUB 10-15 mins better food more toppings and much much better service

  57. Shiba says:

    In the US all their footlong are 5$ and they have a choice of letuce or spinach! They also have 3 different hot peppers to stuff in the sub and not just one like in Canada. In Canada the 6$ footlong are the cheaper ones,,,, which also includes the meatball one which I love amyways. But, if you go for steak or chicken they are more expensive and not 6$ for the footlong.

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