Subway Canada Customer Appreciation Day: March 3, 2009 *HOT* *TODAY ONLY*

Subway Canada

This Subway Canada Customer Appreciation Day is valid mainly at Southwestern all Ontario Subways. On March 3rd, 2009 from 11am till 7pm buy a footlong Sub and a 21 oz fountain drink and get a second footlong Sub for free! No coupon necessary.

I’ve found that in general the owners of each Subway store get to choose which promos to participate in so don’t expect this at every Subway location.

Update: Looks like this Subway Canada customer appreciation day is at all Ontario Subways and not just Southwestern Ontario 😀

Call your local Subway to double check!

24 responses to “Subway Canada Customer Appreciation Day: March 3, 2009 *HOT* *TODAY ONLY*”

  1. mark ceci says:

    im a teaccher its doesnt work

  2. Sally says:

    Ya our local one is having this promo, its advertised on the coupons sent out in January.

  3. willowsprite says:

    Wow, awesome deal! I guess I should give mine a call?

  4. Nancy says:

    Is there a source for this? McDonalds one didn’t have a specific source… I don’t want to e-mail this to a handful of people, unless I know for sure!

  5. Boo Radley says:

    Nancy, it’s advertised at the stores as Sally said. The stores are the only official source. Call your Subway store and check.

  6. spice_43 says:

    I checked the one at Adelaide and Yonge in downtown Toronto and they are participating… The girl said I was the first person that asked!!!

  7. Nancy says:

    Thanks Boo!

  8. sujan says:

    i go and eat pizza yummyu

  9. get busy says:

    all you peaple need to get a life…either find a job or make busy

  10. sarah says:

    The Subway in Vaughan Mills Shopping Mall is also participating if anyone is interested.

  11. device_girl says:

    LOL, at “I’m a teacher….it doesn’t work.” It does work; just call our local subway store…it’s worth it! They will not advertise in most cases….SMART THINKING!

  12. John Riches says:

    I have been hearing radio adds all day long promoting this in St. Catharines Ontario. Hope it’s not too busy

  13. rocketmn says:

    I’m a teacher…it doesn’t work. The kids he’s teaching…look out world!

    I’m off to get my subs!

  14. ForgetMeNot says:

    “im a teaccher its doesnt work”

    And this is why I’m homeschooling my kids. Four spelling errors and missed capitalization and punctuation in one six word sentence? GAH!

    And I’ve been hearing promos for this for the last few days on 102.3FM in London, so I’m guessing it’ll work out just fine for us.

  15. Jerry Hung says:


    Got a meatball + BBQ Ribs + 21oz drink = $9.80 after tax
    at Waterloo Subway, using my 2% AMEX

    and I only ate 6 inch, with enough leftover for dinner and tomorrow 🙂

    I am so cheap, well, $10/2 = $5 per sub is alright ~= BK/McDonald combo

  16. Melody113 says:

    Just as a thought if your store is running the $5 deal for certain footlongs our store let us combine as the little fellow likes the meatball sub so he got the second for school tomorrow and of course he had to get 1 fountain drink. Hubby and I were a bit more it came to $10.49 . All in all it was a cheap meal as I had my gift card for $2.50 from here and $10 from rexall. Came to
    $17.71-$12.50= $5.21 taxes in.

  17. Melody113 says:

    Just noted the last post so will report $5.21/4= $1.30 per sub and 2 free fountain drinks. : ) that’s if I get to count my gift cards as I never pd a cent for either.

  18. Rebecca says:

    I heard this promo on the radio in Toronto… its all Subways!

  19. Sally says:

    Well our local Subway just lost as us customers forever.

    I have never been in a restaurant where I am treated so rudely and with no respect.

    I asked for extra meat and cheese on my husbands sub (the more expensive one I had to pay for) and they were so freaking rude to me and refused to add the extras even though I said 2 times that quite obviously im going to pay for the extra Lmao, just like I always do on the coupons we get (bogo subs as well) there never has been an issue before shrug. Even if for today they decided not to allow to pay for the extra its the way she talked to me.

    Anyways they were so snitty and rude I’ll never go back again, and the lady said ‘shes been telling everyone the same thing all day who asks, so I imagine im not the only one at this location who shares my sentiments. The owner was there and didn’t say a word. So you know what? You lost my business permamently.

    Absolutely ridiculous.

    Customer appreciation day? What a joke at our location.

    More like lose your customers day.

  20. Jenn says:

    I live in Windsor – called 5 different Subways – NOT one of them having this promotion. Sucks to be me!

  21. Danielle says:

    I’m in windsor and the one on Huron line would only if you had a coupon! What the hell there is no coupon. Please eamil Subway and tell them that the owners in Windsor suck!!! They have lost me and my co worker since we go every week!!!!!!!

  22. Koala says:

    Well, with some of these experiences we can rename the event
    Subway, Depreciation Day.

  23. Subwaycustomer says:

    Subway at King & Dufferin in Toronto was not taking part and when I walked in they were dealing with a couple of ticked off customers. It was not every store obviously.

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