Wonderland Canada Free Coupons, Codes & Discount Deals

Wonderland Canada Coupon Codes

Visit Canada’s Wonderland for as little as $33!

Canada’s Wonderland is now open for the season! Get your discounted tickets for admission to Canada’s best theme park! To order go to www.canadaswonderland.com and click TICKETS on the navigator bar, then click CORPORATE PARTNERS. You’ll be asked to enter your company ID, use: “Thrills09” and you’ll be on your way!

So here’s what you need to do:

  1. Click here to go to Wonderland Tickets page
  2. Under ” Please enter your company ID:” enter promo coupon code Thrills09 and click on submit
  3. Add the product you want to cart and chek out.

Wonderland Discount Prices using that coupon:

Junior / Senior $28.00 (Reg: $31.49)
– Ages 3 & over, under 48″ tall or ages 60 and over.

Spring Regular Single Day $33.00 (Reg: n/a)
– Ages 3-59, over 48″ tall, in shoes.
**Tickets valid any one operating day May 3 to June 30, 2009 only.

Regular Single Day $37.00 (Reg: $42.44)
– Ages 3-59, over 48″ tall, in shoes.

– Tickets valid any one operating day May 3 to November 1, 2009 only.
– Not valid for Halloween Haunt.

76 responses to “Wonderland Canada Free Coupons, Codes & Discount Deals”

  1. pacini says:

    thanks for the great deal 🙂 For me that would only save me 15.50 for myself and a junior pass, i think i might watch out on kijiji or something but great deal none the less 🙂 Thanks!

  2. Erica says:

    how long is this deal on for?

  3. Jayne300 says:

    I have no idea where Wonderland Canada is. Mayhap it is in Toronto, and therefore no need to explain?

  4. Liesh says:

    So anyone can use this promo code? I guess its all printed right off the site?
    Ooooh $33 im sooo excited! Thanks a bunch!

  5. Cactuar says:

    If this code doesn’t work or expires, use “Georgian2009”. This has the same discount.

  6. Billy says:

    Has anyopne used the Thrills09 or the Georgian2009 discount codes? What company does the Thrills09 correspond to. Any id needed at the gate?

  7. Gee says:

    Can I print e-tickets instead of the shipping??

  8. Chrissy says:

    My friends used thrills09 and they got in the park fine. Thrills09 is a specific canadas wonderland code, its prolly for the employees or something, but the ticket people really dont care, they just scan it and off u go. Yes you can print e-tickets, ususally if u used a corporate code, they dont let u pick the shipping option, u have to print.
    I used ROGERS09 and only paid $31 a ticket.

  9. Billy says:

    Anyone find code where you can buy discounted admission AND all you can eat food? – And not the Rogers one on June 14th? thanks.

  10. sara says:

    is is FOR SURE? will the people at the gate give any trouble or ask for anything ID?

  11. Bob says:

    +1 that sara… i really want someone to confirm whether or not they ask for an ID or not!

  12. darsh says:

    hey..can someone vouch for these codes?? someone whu has entered the park with them??

  13. sandy says:

    hey guys!! just wanted to let you know that i have already bought tix by using a RBC code that was specifically for a day before the park was to open and i got in fine…they don’t question you at alll cause it says family and friends…i checked the ROGERS09 code and at the top it says family and friends so i HIGHLY DOUBT they want u to be with your friends from rogers and show that hey this is my rogers friend look at his/her id…dont worry they dont really care abt that they just want their money and u will get in fine if they stop to check everyone there will be a lot of angry people and very few ppl in the park so enjoy the discounts 🙂

  14. linda says:

    Hi can someone tell me what is the difference btw Spring Regular Single Day and Regular Single Day E-Ticket

  15. Tori says:

    i caed wonderland they said its cool you dont need any id

  16. taline says:

    Linda, the spring ticket is only good up until june 30. the regular single day can be used all summer until the park closes for the season.

  17. linda says:

    thanks…one more thing..how long do i need to wait for these tickets. if I use the “code” ..purchase online..do I just print these tickets? I want to go July 1st…we’re already Monday so I don’t want to waste my time purchasing these ticket to find out that I need to wait a couple of days to get them in the mail.

  18. Melicious says:

    you can use Scotia09 as well…………it is the scotia bank friends and family code…….37$ for adult day pass………….28$ for junior day pass

  19. HAMBURGLER says:

    no id required at the gate. just print your eticket at home and bypass the ticket sales at the park.
    we went on monday june 29 2009 using telus code as they had 33/person spring promo code (expired june 30th)
    It rained monday at the park in the mid day, and then the waits were vertually non existant on almost every ride. Take your own food and drink if you have a small cooler bag. The park food prices are insane. $15.00 for two orders of fries and gravy!

  20. MOUTHY CHICK says:

    You can’t bring outside food or drinks into the park. They search your bag at the front gate. We’ve used the Rogers code for the past 2 summers and haven’t had any problems!

  21. Martina says:

    Thanks for the tip…I was able to say my friend and I over $100 to take the kids. Anyone know how to get a coupon for parking? Thanks

  22. gi says:

    this code still works, so if i buy 15 ticket online using this code or (rogers09,scotia09,etc) will they stop me in the front gate and ask me where my rogers id is, or scotia, or whatever. because using the rogers09 code now it’s just 35$ than the thrill09 code (37$) its an small amount but stikll makes a different

  23. Hynek says:

    If you know someone working at a Kingston General Hospital (ontario), they can get you tickets for $30 from the human resources. Other hospital might be running this too (St. Catharines GH used to) so it’s worth calling a hospital and ask the human resources people.

  24. runningmom23 says:

    You can take food in now MOUTHY CHICK… due to all the food allergies. I think they changed this policy a couple yrs ago

  25. Auden says:

    Even if you can’t bring food into the park, you can still bring it in a cooler and leave it in the car. My bf and I just left the park for an hour, sat on the grass on a blanket in the shade, and ate some sandwiches we brought. it was a nice relaxing picnic.. and it helps boost your energy for the second half of the day! 🙂

  26. Hammer says:

    They wont question you at the gates, they just want the money so they dont care lol. also they only allow you to bring in food if you have proof of allergies or some shit, i tried to last year and they bit my head off for it haha. But take the time to get out to the park its so much fun!

  27. Superman says:

    Does anybody know if the 3 days before use restriction applies to the corporate code bought tickets? It doesn’t say.

  28. James says:

    Here are just a few more codes with great prices, including all you can eat picnic.

    1. FunnelCake Prices range from $28 to $47 including all you can eat picnic.
    2. Rogers09 Prices range from $28 to $47 including all you can eat picnic.
    3. Scotia09 Prices range from $28 to $47 including all you can eat picnic.
    4. Telus Prices are fixed at $37.
    5. Toyota Prices range from $28 to $37.
    6. Chrysler Prices range from $28 to $37.

  29. Catherine says:

    I heard that if you tell them you have gluten allergies they allow you to bring in your own food because they cannot offer anything that is strictly gluten free.

  30. Amy says:

    Wow thanks for the tip. I have bought tickets from stoufville hospital in the past I don’t know if they still have them.
    Picnic sounds like an excellent idea.

  31. Lynette says:

    I thought I read somewhere that if you bought the day pass (which I did and it worked great for my son and his friend, $35 each using Rogers09) that you could then apply that to a season’s pass if you wanted to. Now I can’t find that info, and my son would like a season pass. Thx.

  32. Melanie says:

    Do they require any ID when you try to use the tickets? And do they have any special thing on them that says what code you used? Just don’t want to get to the gate and not be able to use them.

  33. Melanie says:

    just read all the comments above and got my questions answered! Guess I should have done that instead of just reading the codes.

  34. naz says:

    where are the coupons

  35. Tammy says:

    just purchased tickets online from Rogers09, $35.00 including tax. My hubby is going Wed so i will post again on Thursday night. Great stuff, and it says friends with rogers so I can’t see it being a big deal.

  36. Viktoria says:

    I went with my friend.
    We used Rogers09 and it worked.
    No questions ask.
    We had a great time!

  37. GWTP says:

    Wonderland printable coupons here at http://www.getwiththeprogram.ca – no membership card needed – no worries just print the coupons

    -some deals on the site do require you to present the Get With The Program.ca Membership card.

  38. basketball maniac says:

    can the get with the program coupon be used with the etickets printed using Rogers O9 code

  39. NP says:

    Can you combine the http://www.getwiththeprogram.ca/canadaswonderland.php
    coupon with the THRILLS09 code?

  40. Amanda says:

    on the site , when i press add to cart , is it going to mail it to me ?
    cause im going in two days,
    where do i print it from

  41. Andrew says:

    Just to confirm if you need id at the front gate.
    i asked wonderland that
    i want to ask about if you buy the ticket online using promo codedo i need any ID in the front gate when i go to wonderland?
    and they said
    Dear Guest,

    Thank you for contacting Canada’s Wonderland!

    No necessary id is required.

    If you have any further questions, please feel free to email us or contact us via phone at (905) 832 8131.


    Guest Services Co-Ordinator.

    Canada’s Wonderland.

    (T) (905) 832 8131

    (F) (905) 832 7419

  42. Tammy says:

    sorry I was going to replay Thursday about using the Rogers09, it worked when my hubbywent the next day!!!

  43. Tammy says:

    ps no question

  44. Sheena says:

    can the E-ticket be used more than once???

  45. Kathy says:

    Printed my tickets today with no problem using Thrills09 …. heading to Wonderland tomorrow. =)

  46. uzma says:

    can we go to the gate and say the codeand then buy ticket

  47. F2 says:

    Ok sorry may sound like a dumb question – to use the rogers09 or thrills09 code which site to I go to? The official wonderland site? the get with the program site??


  48. GWTP says:

    Get With The Program.ca site only has a printable coupon save up to $30
    Just print and clip! – no GWTP membership card needed……..
    > http://www.getwiththeprogram.ca/canadaswonderland.php

  49. PM says:

    Can someone tell me where exactly you enter the code thrills09?

    I am totally confused… I get to the part that you enter your credit card info but I don’t see where you enter the code anywhere.

    Thank you!

  50. Kathy says:

    Go to the Wonderland website and you order your tickets through there. Put the code in where it asks for the promotional code. That is before you even get to the order form. Hope that helps. =)

  51. abbas says:

    can two people use a 2 day pass? on different days of course

  52. cg says:

    do we need to prove that we’re from that corporation when entrance? ta

  53. kimhuynh says:

    Can anyone tell me that i have to pay anything for parking when i just get in the park, and using code rogers09 is fine rite? it says 29$ which it really awesome. Thanks alot guy

  54. Jacob mole says:

    How long will it take for the tickets to come

  55. Arianna says:


    I will be going with friends in mid-May 2010. Does anyone have any information on codes or other types of discounts for 2010? The price for one day is expensive. I do not know if my friends and I can go if we each have to pay $41-$45.

    Thank you for any advice or information!

  56. tezza says:

    Rogers10 will give discounted tickets. I haven’t used them yet, but for 2 2-day adult e-tickets it comes to $96 taxes in. I think single day admissions are $31 taxes in per adult?

  57. girls_respect says:

    Yes I put in the code Rogers10 and got the ticket price for $31 for adults, anyone know a code where I can get the tickets for a cheaper price? or is that the cheapest. Thanks

  58. Yuvraj says:

    Get your season passes quick before the prices rise up to $80.00!
    Right now they are on for only $60.00!
    All the way up to May 10th

  59. Yuvraj says:

    Did you knoiw that Canada Wonderland is haviong a charity for tickets
    donate money to help other people get tickets
    So sweet 🙂

  60. Arianna says:

    Thanks everyone! I am planning on only going for one day. I will look into the Rogers option for $31.00. That price is much better than the original price. Thank you for your responses! Please keep me posted if any other options become available! Too bad the weather has been so rainy!:(

  61. Natasha says:


    My family is going in July from BC. Does anyone have any information on codes or other types of discounts for then?
    Thanks in advance!

  62. Sebastian says:

    i have a question …. is the “2010 Junior/Senior Single Day Admission” like a normal one day ticket? for ages 3 to 60. because its pretty cheap, its at 31 dollars

  63. fashion says:

    i google and found your blog,it is so good

  64. Milkman says:

    Before you start your shopping cart, under “Tickets” go to “Corporate Partners” to enter the Company ID. The ticket prices are then adjusted.

  65. Lili says:

    you can also use “fun2learn” as the promo code.

  66. Luxy says:


  67. yaYA says:

    Hey does anyone know if they check for ID if you get these corporate ticekts?

  68. Suzz says:

    Hey guys, I was just wondering about the pay once visit twice tickets…the website says they are non-tranferable, but is there any way they check if 2 people use them? My sister is planning on going this week and I’ll be going a few weeks later, so it would be much cheaper to go that way instead of buying 2 separate ticket. Thanks!

  69. Duke says:

    Try typing ROLLERCOASTER in the company ID box

  70. Mike says:

    ROGERS is the cheapest of all of the corporate discounts for 2010.
    ROLLERCOASTER gives you the same discount price for Junior/Senior Single Day tickets, but is actually a bit more than Rogers for an Adult Single Day ticket.

    For anyone wondering, parking is $10. Which is a huge ripoff. Parking has gone up the majortiy of the past years,except this year. I remember when parking was $6. Online, a parking pass for the 2010 season is $35.00

  71. Darrell says:

    I used “fun2learn” and it worked perfectly! Thanks!

  72. Shannon says:

    Do they chek for an ID or something?

  73. Vivian Filiatrault says:

    Making our first visit to Toronto with 2 sons and 3 grandchildren Checked your speacials on ticket.Ranage around $39.00 for general admistion. Does this includ all th rides.
    Red Deer Alberta

  74. Vivian Filiatrault says:

    Making our first visit to Toronto with 2 sons and 3 grandchildren. Checked your speacial on General admisstions for 39.00.Is this alall ady pass with rides included

  75. Joe says:

    yeah thats the all day all rides including waterpark

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