Apple Store Canada Boxing Day Sale!

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Apple Store Canada

This is very exciting information since Apple stores very rarely have sales! Thanks deal_with_singh for sharing this with us on the forum!

This is unconfirmed but a friend of mine who works at sherway apple store told me that similar to the black friday apple store deal, there would be the following discounts:
$101 off all macbooks
Up To $300 off iMac’s
Free itunes gift card with purchase of ipod touch ($15) 
Ipod touch 8gb is on sale from 219.99 (apple store regular price) to 199.99

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  1. Justin

    At best buy and future shop, itouch 8gs + speakers $199.99. and $100 off of 13.3 macbook and macbook pro

  2. Justin

    But I have a question. If they were to have this sale at the apple store. Would the student discount still be in effect ?

  3. Taylor

    I was at the Apple store in the Eaton’s Center this morning and there is “No Sale”. The Manager said that they do not have boxing day sales

  4. Robert

    As a long-time Apple user, I’ve rarely (if ever) experienced a Boxing Day sale with Apple, and given how popular their products are now that’s unlikely to change. Apple usually only has one sale a year (other than education offers) – Black Friday. Don’t plan your shopping on some random anonymous person’s hearsay on the Internet when they have no proof…

  5. Jake

    Apple takes about $1200 for laptops that are really half the price in other reputed brands ( HP/Sony/Toshiba). Do they really need any more sales when customers are paying double for every product they come out with? Good ol’ Steve’s been boxing customers for years ! Ho ho ho..priceless !

  6. bApTizE

    well said Jake, i still don’t understand the high price for laptop? it has Intel processor, AMD or Nvidia chip or graphic card, RAM, the you can’t get viruses or freezes on it is BS and also the OS sells cheap and based on free UNIX! so again what am i paying for!

    For the price they’re charging, i will be getting a new Android tablet and a laptop this Christmas and would still be less than $1,200.00!!

  7. Assmandr

    Overpriced? Yes. Better than the competition? Yes. The choice of the consumer is low price and weak product or (much too) high price and superior product.

  8. Alvina

    This was posted in 2009 and I did get $100 off of my Macbook Pro here in Ottawa. They also gave discounts for iWork. So this is not fake, for 2009 at least. : )


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