1. Marc

    A&W burgers taste good, but they’re too darn expensive. Mcdonalds has a double cheeseburger for cheaper, and BK has the whopper for 1.89.

    The mama burger is small, crappy, and cheap. I bought one the other day, and was asked if I wanted cheese on it. They didn’t tell me that it would cost an extra 50 cents. 2 dollars for a junky little cheese burger, that i can eat in three bites? Let’s see 1.89 teen burgers!

  2. Boo Radley

    I find A&W’s burger to have a much higher quality than McD but I agree they’re too expensive. The good thing about A&W though is that they seem to use high quality beef for their small hamburgers as well unlike BK and McD which I think have different grades of beef.

  3. Will

    Hey Folks. if you love mama burgers as much as me, dont forget the cheese… mmmmm

    Head on down to your nearest A&W and gobble up this deal before it is gone.

    I eat there all the time and it seems to be cheaper than eating at home.


  4. mark

    How can you guys say the mama burger is better but it costs too much(or more). Duh, BK and McD are cheaper and it shows in the quality.

  5. Trevor

    With this $1.50 deal the mama burger comparable to wendy’s junior bacon cheeseburger in price, quantity and taste, but for me wendy’s wins by a small margin, its nice to have an alternative though, hopefully this price stays around for a while, its the only way a&w can compete with the other chains.

  6. Stu

    I agree that a&w’s burgers are far superior to the cat nip on a bun that McD’s tries to pull off as food, and i should know! I worked at a&w for 7 years and had a grandpa burger with a side of two teen burgers every shift. Although coupons are useless for me, as i still get a great employee rate on all their top notch stuff, i’m glad to see those fat cats on top subsidizing their merchandise by allowing common folk like yourselves to access this delicious, god given hunk o meat.

    Time to feed the cats!

    God Bless.

  7. cacky

    A&W tastes better than Wendy’s and McDonald’s in my opinion. For $1.50 that is well worth the size of a Mama Burger compared to a little one from McDonald’s for $1.39. Great taste, great quality, and well worth your money. I wish this $1.50 special never ends!

  8. A&w

    I ate 5 mamma burgers and it was good I weigh 150 pounds I could eat anything,….. Haha haha man lucky me,..

  9. Sick

    I was asked If I wanted cheese and she said it would cost another $1.50
    That’s another mama burger!


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