Bath & Body Works Canada 1-day sale Buy 3 get 3 FREE! (Nov 27)

Canadian Deals & Coupons

They’ve opened a Bath & Body Works store near my work.

This isn’t good… Well, not for my wallet anyway.

Now they tell me they are having a ONE DAY ONLY SALE
Friday, November 27th
Buy any 3 signature collection items and get THREE FREE!!


This is the greatest sale ever!! That Japanese Cherry Blossom has my name written all over it!

Click here for all Canadian store locations


  1. itsjustmebub

    when you check out be sure to give them your email address they have sent some amazing personalized coupons each week!! :)

  2. dogbone

    i’ve checked online, the sale is on now. But it doesn’t include the holiday collection. Maybe tomorrow they will have the holidays included.

  3. itsjustmebub

    keep in mind if you are shopping online that prices are in US dollars and you need to add Shipping & Handling.

    If you have a store close by that’s your best bet.

    For example the shower gels are $10.50 USD online, but only $11 CDN in store…

  4. Sean

    This store has a great selection of products. Also, the store is typically divided with one half being the ‘heavier’ or ‘stronger’ scents and the other side, more ‘subtle’ or ‘gentle’ scented stuff. Regardless, I’m sure my girlfriend and I will be there picking up candles!

  5. mjaas

    this is not good for my wallet! i just love the winter candy apple! thanks so much for the info!

  6. Julie Leeds

    great stocking stuffers…and my kids love the antibacterial soap…well they love that it comes in a pump!!! *lol* as long as they are washing their hands I don’t care!!!

  7. N

    Oh dear..

    and I also have a coupon to use where if you buy ANY item you’ll receive a trial sized item for free.

  8. Michelle

    I don’t think this is a one-day sale, I was there on sunday and got the buy 3, get 3 free. But it didn’t include the holiday ones

  9. Sara

    The buy 3 get 3 has been on all Nov in the states so maybe they will keep it longer than just one say.

    Too bad they didnt match the 2 for $19 candles too!

  10. Anna

    I never buy at this store so help me here… why is this such a great deal? wouldn’t it be the same if they say: buy 1 get 1? with the buy 3 get 3 I would be paying times 3!!

  11. Doodlebug

    The shipping is reasonable as well to canada. I just recieved my order that i placed a week ago. It was only a flat rate of $13.50
    there are alos other codes you can use, such as the Tenthirty which gives you $10 of a $30 purchase.

  12. itsjustmebub

    @ Anna …
    well, when you step foot in there you will see why you want to buy more than 2 products lol

  13. sandray

    The VIP bag is $35 in Canada with $40 purchase but the Canadian bag is supposed to have 2 more products than the US bag. I called customer service and that was what I was told. The specials you see in the sale section of the web site is for the US.
    If you check out the section for the Canadian store specials, some of that stuff is not on sale. They don’t even specify the date for the 2 day specials. You can call the customer service and they can tell you what the specials are for here.

  14. sandray

    Doodlebug (or anyone who has ever ordered from the US web site):

    I was wondering if you had to pay any extra taxes or duty for your US order. Is it shipped here by post or courrier?

  15. boxercrazy

    I was at the Pickering store on November 7th the buy three get three free sale was on then too what an awesome deal

  16. sandray

    Yes the sale was on at Square One last night. They also had the warm soft fuzzy socks for $5 and if you spent over $4o, you can buy the pink bag with over $100 of items in it for $35.


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