Canada’s Wonderland 2011 Season Pass for Only $59.99 and Other Perks!

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I was just buying my tickets for the weekend for Canada’s Wonderland and noticed that they are now offering season passes for 2011 for only $59.99!  With this deal you also get one free pass to the park during the 2010 season and discount tickets to the Halloween Haunt!

I don’t live close enough to buy a season package but I know tons of Sc readers can definitely take advantage! Click here for details.


  1. kris10

    lol,seriosuly? you’d think they’d be practically giving these away with only maybe a month left in the season.

  2. Terri

    In the past, if you bought your next year’s season pass didn’t you get to go the current season as much as you wanted or does that promo happen later in the season?

  3. shopaholiclq

    Terri, that’s true..A few years ago, when Paramount ran the park, you could go as often as you want for the remainder of the current season, if you bought next year’s pass (which was on sale about 2 weeks before Labour Day). But when Cedar Fair took over, they did away with that promo. Now I guess Cedar Fair has decided to do a scaled down version of Paramount’s deal. Still worth it if you are planning to go once this year and a couple of times next year.

  4. Tiggy

    I bought it last year, it was the first ever time my kids aged 14 & 11 had been to Wonderland and yesterday was our 7th visit to the park!..we also buy the parking pass so you don’t have to pay $10 each time and we leave Wonderland to walk across the street to Subway to buy a $5 foot long for lunch so we arn’t paying silly prices to feed hungry kids!
    ALSO new for 2011 is an amazing new thrill ride my kids SO want to go on, it’s called the Windrider

  5. mle

    ^ It’s called the *windseeker
    Looks great! Especially if you’re not a huge rollercoaster fan.


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