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Lesley has a wonderful post in SmartCanucks’ Forum on Birthday Freebies!
Thanks Lesley for your continuous precious help and support :-)

Here is her Birthday Freebies post. You can also find many many more freebies in the Forum’s Freebies section.

Most of these are in-store promotions, and not advertised on the websites because they may not be available or offered at every location.
*worth your phone call on your birthday to see if your location does this!*

– Free meal (Max. $15.00) at Casey’s

– free all you can eat buffet meal at Tucker’s Market. Plus, a birthday cake slice with a candle.

– Free entree at JACK ASTORS with 14 days of ur BDAY if u’re on the EDGE102.1 FM Mailing list.

– TGI Friday’s free meal on your b-day with ID.

– Blockbuster Rewards, when you’re a rewards member you get a free rental on your bday.

– Lick’s will give a free meal

– The Keg gives you a piece of Cake with a candle (Or Dessert)

– At East Side Mario’s, they let the celebrant stand up on a chair while the servers sing happy birthday. You then get to spin a wheel for a prize.

– Boston Pizza gives free cake and ice cream!

– At Montana’s you can sign a waver and have them throw a pie in the birthday persons face, also give free dessert. (Costs $10 – but some ppl may find this worth the money!!!)

– Denny’s gives a free Meal

– Mr.Sub
Location: Simcoe & Taunton
Oshawa, Ontario
Buy 1 sub get the 2nd one for 0.25 CENTS!!! On your birthday only with proper ID required. Dont know if its happening anywhere else but a good deal if you ask me.

– Old Spaghetti Factory gives a free meal

– a dozen bagels for free at What a Bagel. Just show your ID and you get to select some nice fresh bagels. For sure this applies to the York Mills location (Beside Longo’s).

– RED LOBSTER: Free coupon sent for a free entree on your b-day:
BONUS: After you confirm your membership, you’ll have an opportunity to receive a coupon for a FREE dessert or appetizer with the purchase or two adult dinner entreés. All you have to do is tell us a little bit more about yourself.

Check out the forum for more freebies.


  1. Shawnie

    hmmm, i wonder where you copied this word-for-word from? I originally wrote it on another site.

  2. Boo Radley

    I’m very sorry about that Shawnie. I thought that Lesley was the author. Shall I remove the post or just mention that you’re the author?

  3. Shawnie

    It is okay, I am happy to share my finds with everyone! I really enjoy this site, and did not mean to sound so rude! I guess I was just a little surprised to see it posted here, in my exact words.

  4. Blue Rose

    Tucker’s Restaurants give a free meal with ID, you pay for drinks.

    Pita Pit in St. Catharines used to give a free pita sandwich with ID, not sure if they still do.

  5. TerryC

    The B-E-S-T birthday freebie we enjoy is Tony Roma’s. You get a free meal on your birthday.

    However, you have to sign up ahead of time–and I mean several months ahead of time! Then they send a card to you each year. The big PLUS is that it is YOUR meal that is free. My wife usually orders a cheaper meal, but I get mine free. i.e. not the cheaper meal free!

    Max value is $16-18, I forget…but it is good!

  6. Kouster

    Hi Everyone,

    Pizza Pizza has a birthday club on their website for kids, under 12 I think. They actually send you a Birthday card in the mail and you take it in and get a free slice and drink. Not too shabby for a 3 year old!

  7. Laura

    If you’re a sephora member (free to join) you get a free gift (usually about $30 value)

    Starbucks gives you a free drink, any size!!!

    blockbuster gives you a free rental

  8. Yer Arruda

    You got very interesting debate started on your site and its worth a lot of feedback. Very less people are able to talk so well about this topic. A big thumbs up from me.

  9. Lynzi


    Can I just say that as a server at The Old Spaghetti Factory I can say for certain that we unfortunately do NOT give free birthday meals!!

    We’ll bring you a candle with your Spumoni ice cream and sing for you but no free meal!

  10. Arnetta Conejo

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  11. Jerucia

    Boston Pizza sends an email for free pasta or dessert. Booster Juice offers a free smoothie. Baskin Robbins gives you a free ice cream, and red robin a burger :)

  12. Kim Mueller

    Pizza Delight gives a free meal but it’s from a limited menu.
    Swiss Chalet gives a free desert.
    Local restaurant Mavericks gives up to $25.00 but have to sign up through email at least two weeks ahead. This is in Moncton, New Brunswick


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