1. Rox

    So I filled in the form, stating that I and my kids loved their products and could they please send a coupon.

    They replied promptly and required my name and address.

    I gave it; but when I ask for things online and it’s not for a governing body or for cash, I often use my initial (R.) and my last name.

    They sent another email stating that they send coupons to those who use full names only.

    And I said to myself: what difference does it make whether or not I use an initial or my full name? Why do they care? Where is the problem?

    I sent it but since there was no follow up reply, I am not banking on this coupon.

  2. Sherri Haaland

    Received a $5 coupon earlier and recently used it at RCSS as they had Chapman’s frozen yogurt on sale for $4.98 (2L) size. So it was FREE. Have requested the $3.00 coupon, one for me and one for my Mom. YUMMY!!

  3. Dusty Rose

    I requested the $3.00 coupon a couple months ago, but haven’t received it yet? Has any one got theirs?


    ice-cream being one of my most favourite foods, i look forward to receiving my coupon – have had Chapman’s before, and it is very good

  5. Tracey Cormier

    I have enjoyed Chapman’s for years. Being from a dairy farm which shipped milk for production, I appreciate good ice-cream. Thanks for your quality product.

  6. puppy

    Magnificent problems completely, you only need to obtained a whole new target audience. Exactly what will you suggest relating to your organize that you simply produced few days ago? Almost any beneficial?


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