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Canadian Coupons: Save $1 On Kraft Shredded Cheese Through save.ca

Canadian Discount Coupons Canada

As part of their promotion of new Kraft Habanero Heat Shredded Cheese, Kraft are offering a $1 mailable coupon through save.ca for shredded cheese.  The link showed the Habanero only but save.ca just says shredded cheese, so it may be good on any.

Find more information on Kraft’s page here.


  1. Dm

    Ya same for me they need to find out why if they don’t want us to use a link then say so if you go right to save web page the coupon is not listed .

  2. Dm

    don’t us the link to save .ca go to the link at the bottom to Kraft then you get the coupon offer that will then take you to save .ca . wow what a pain .

  3. Dm

    The offer above if you click on the link to save.ca you don’t get the coupon you have to click on the link at the bottom to kraft .then you get the offer .


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