Canadian Deals: $8 Materna at Walmart with Save.ca Coupon

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Here is something for my fellow preggers out there! In this week’s Walmart flyer, Centrum Materna is advertised for $10 (100 ct.). Use your $2 off coupon from Save.ca and get it for $8! Some of the boxes have $3 coupons inside to use for your next purchase. I would probably buy one with my Save.ca coupon, take it to the car, bring the $3 coupon back in with me and get another one. I’ve seen this product selling for as high as $19.99 in some places so getting one for $8 and another one for $7 is a steal. They have a long expiry and 2 bottles will last you about 6 months. It is recommended for prenatal and postpartum so great to take if you’re breastfeeding as well.

Thanks to petsrfun101 for posting this great deal!


  1. kris

    Costco has a version of this for under $5 that has the same amount of tablets. The brand is HealthBalance.

  2. IRefuseToPayFullPrice

    Lisa – I’m in Ontario. Which province are you in?

    Bee – I believe you can get a raincheck since it’s an item advertised in the flyer.

    kris – I will have to check that out!

  3. Sarah

    Kris – Which costco did u go for the prenatal pills? I’ve been to the Yorkdale location and I haven’t seen them? If anyone knows which Costco location has them, please let me know. Thanks

  4. Sally

    Also the loblaws chains carry their own brand as well and they told me they have more intake thats recommended not sure if its still valid since its 3 years later…

  5. shan

    Superstore will likely match this price (although they may put a limit on quantities). Also, on my last purchase of Materna not too long ago there was a SAVE $2 coupon inside each box.

  6. Kari

    Superstore and Zellers both price match if you take the Wal Mart flyer in. The boxes of Materna I have bought recently have a $3 coupon inside, making them $7 a bottle!


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