Canadian Deals: Metro Ontario Week Night $6.99 Meal Deals

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Metros in Ontario with a ‘Fresh 2 Go’ section are running a different $6.99 meal deal every night of the week from 4-9pm.

  • Monday Large Chicken Caesar Salad
  • Tuesday Hot Mammoth BBQ Chicken
  • Wednesday 16″ Extra-large Peperoni or Cheese Pizza
  • Thursday 15 Chicken Wings hot or cold
  • Friday 18 piece Maki Sushi Boat

Offer not available at 28 Bay Street Barry’s Bay, 754 Bank Street Ottawa, 50 Wilson Street West Perth, and 83 Raglan Street South Renfrew.

At our Metro they ring at the sale price all day not just between 4-9pm but that could always change.


  1. zeekid

    I love the pizza on Wed. There is so much peperoni on it and the Sushi on Friday. Easy on the walet and great tasting!

  2. Joe

    I know they offer these deals in Toronto as well – thanks for sharing supermommy.
    The Tuesday night mammoth BBQ chicken used to be my favourite – but I had noticed, over the last few months, I would get an odd “hangover” the next day after eating it, so I stopped buying it. I don’t know if it is the chicken itself, or just the seasoning. It only started happening last summer – I never had that reaction to their BBQ chicken before.
    It sounds like MSG… though I don’t have that reaction from McDonald’s, or any other prepared foods.

  3. ninna

    Wanna feed a family fast(er) food on the cheap? Metro’s panzerotti is THE best!

    $5.00 per panzerotti and they come with 3 toppings. They are so big my DH can’t finish one. And they’re delicious too!

    But you need to call 30 minutes in advance and place your order because they don’t keep “ready made” ones hanging around…or you could order one when you walk in the door, do your grocery shopping and voila, 30 minutes later when you’re checking out, your order is done.

    Seriously good eats. On the cheap.

    (and no, I don’t work there. LOL. They’re not paying me to write this!)

  4. I love to travel

    Pizzas are a good deal.
    Sometimes you have to be first in line or you have to wait for the next batch out of the oven.
    We eat the slices at breakfast sometimes.

  5. thea

    Pizza are great but the line up is always huge and MANY times they’ve run out of dough!


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