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I always found searching for store flyers online very tedious. I therefore went flyer hunting and compiled a list of many Canadian flyers below. All you need to do is click on the name of the store and you’ll get directed to that store’s flyer :-) I hope you like this list.

Canadian Flyers

If you know other store flyers please let me know or leave a comment and I’ll add them to this list.


  1. Lia

    I’m looking for Super C in Quebec.
    Would you be so kind and add Super C to your list please?
    Thank you, I really like your site.

  2. Boo Radley

    Lia, I’m sorry I couldn’t find Quebec’s Super C flyer. I’ll keep looking though.

    Lynn, I added the Atlantic Superstore flyer :-)

  3. janet king

    Are you able to find the Maxi flyer for Montreal??I’m impressed with your site..thanks

  4. Geraldine: New Westminster, BC Canada

    I am looking for a flyer from the New Westminster Store in Columbia Square, New Westminster, BC

  5. Geraldine: New Westminster, BC Canada

    I have been searching for a flyer from the IGA Marketplace in New Westminster,BC for some time now and have been unable to find one. My Email Address is [email protected]
    Would someone be able to email me a site address. I thank you in advance


  6. Fern

    I noticed you didn’t have the flyer for PA Supermarket (supermarché PA) in Montreal. PA stands for Park Avenue; the site of the original store dating back to 1956. It’s one of the city’s best kept secrets.
    Thank you … I love your site.

  7. Karina

    I’m looking for flyers for price chopper and I can’t find it, thanks for your help.

  8. Nadia

    Good site!
    I just can’t seem to find the super c flyer, can you add it to your site?

  9. Boo Radley

    harry chandler, I added the Sears Flyer :-)

    Karina, I’ll be adding the Price Chopper flyer very soon

    Nadia, I’m still looking for the Super C flyer. Which province do you want it for?

    Thanks Aura :-) :-)

    Nikki , I added the highland farms flyer :-)

  10. Odie

    Great site.
    Here is a site for coupons. Stuff you usually buy and if you have infants, great deals on food, shampoo, etc.

  11. Abbas Azhar


    I am living at the 1475 Bloor street E Mississauga.It is located some half kilometer to majoe intersection(Dixie and Bloor).Although I have a Grant food mart located very near to my apartment but I always preferred to go to Price chopper store located at the Dixie and Dundas(2 Km away)for shopping.

    This is first time that this incident took place.I read in the Price Chopper Grocery Fliers that price of Turkish Apricot(250gm) is 0.97$(canadian Dollar)but when I bought it from Price chopper store they charge 1.47$(canadian Dollar).Keep in Mind that I have purchased 4 packs only.

    This bad incident has not only shaken my trust but all other neighbourers in price chopper.I hope that you will take an effective measures so that the immage of Price Chopper remains good.

    The information is as under.

    Dixie Price Chopper(Mississauga)7759
    Served by Erin(3591)
    Term 02440713
    Merchant ID 00291575
    Time= 17:25:06

    Looking for reply,

    Abbas Azhar

  12. black

    I can’t seem to get onto the canadian safeway website looking for the flyer starting today , the 10th I’ve found it b4 the american website wants a 5 digit zip code. Oh yah I live B.C.

  13. Nikki

    Hi, Could u please add price chopper in Scarborough ontario…thx so much
    ur site is great…its very helpful :)

  14. chick

    Click on this link and you get a list of stores flyers online.

    once u select the store, it will direct u to the website of that particular store and u can go to locations to find a store near to u.

    Hope this helps

    Here’s the link

  15. weiyu

    Hey““I really need Bonanza`s flyer ““plz try 2 help me“`Thx a lot (In Montreal)

  16. alyson l

    I love this Site!!!! Thank you so much for all your hard work in putting this together for us! Having said that, I am wondering if there is a flyer for Ikea, southern ontario…(hamilton, burlington area especially)
    thanks again

  17. Katy

    I was just wondering if you could start posting the XS Cargo flyer. Thanks. I love your site!

  18. Marie-Eve

    Super C.

    I was looking myself (for the last while) for a website for the Super C here in Gatineau. I don’t think that they have gone that way yet… They do have really good prices… we find ourselves going there almost every week.

  19. Rachel

    You are missing giant tiger. Please add it. as it is very difficult to find its online flyer anywhere.


  20. keith lane

    Bidgoods-Traditional Newfoundland

    The above sight is a local Newfoundland supermarket which carries regular food items as well as those which are primarily unique to Newfoundland. It also carries crafts etc. This could be of much interest to many,but particulary of intesrt to the numerous newfoundlanders living abroad.

  21. bigdude

    Can you include the giant tiger flyers in you`re line up.The flyers are hard to find on line and i don`t get them by mail in Ontario.This would really complete you`re already extensive list.Thank you and good work

  22. MichelCarriere

    Québec and Eastern Ontario flyers including Super C, Metro, Marché Richelieu, Burger King, Société des Alcools du Québec, Macdonalds, Fitness Depot, St-Hubert BBQ, Cinema Odeon etc.

  23. Serea

    Great Site! You should personally contact stores and show them your site here. And encourage them to add their site to yours. Then look for ad sponsors… You could have the next great website in Canada. Sure is easier to come online to check out flyers than waiting and hoping you get one delivered. (bad weather always seems to get my flyers lost somehow) LOL
    Any ways, thanks for your hard work and good luck in your future.
    I’d love to see Super C and Giant Tiger for Montreal Area.
    God bless

  24. stephanie

    hey i love your list, awesome idea and very helpful
    please add giant tiger to your list thanks very much :-)

  25. joanne

    hi,i would like to see the flyer of super c at gatineau,quebec and the price choppers in ottawa. and i really enjoy to see your site and keep doing a good job.

  26. Kevin


    I noticed that several people had asked for Super C. Do they have an online version?


  27. D

    Hi, This is great idea! It is certainly getting me organized!
    I was wondering if you could add The Bargain Shop and the Saan Store? Both are located in Waterdown, just off of Hwy 5. Coming from the Burlinton area, that is.
    Thanks again for your help!

  28. jackie connolly

    could you add kents building supplies, home depot
    excellent site .

  29. Barb Charbonneau

    Do you have the flyer for xs cargo. I would really like to see it here. Thanks

  30. lori

    i love this site – one question though-i don’t see THE BARN -is it pretty much the same as A&P?

  31. Richard T

    Very usefull for finding sales on food items and comparing. Would love if the M & M Food supply flyers could be added also.

  32. calderli

    I would love to see the Giant Tiger Flyer too for the Ottawa Area. It does not come to my house. Thnaks so much, this makes my life so much easier!

  33. Nathalie Cox

    add me to the list who wants to get their hands on the Giant Tiger flyer! Many thanks!

  34. Lisa McCartney

    Can you add the Giant Tiger flyer? I’ve seen some requests, but no responses yet.

  35. Prue

    Hey Lisa

    We had the Giant Tiger flyer for awhile but unfortunately a Giant Tiger Representitive requested that it be removed so Boo had to take it down.

  36. Judith

    I’d would like to see the Walmart Superstore flyer… you know.. the one with all Food ads in it. It’s always a mess to go on the WalMart website to have only this flyer.
    Thanks for your help
    Judith, Ontario

  37. richard desgagne

    On na pas recu de public sa cette semaine donc mercredi le 22 Aout ………………………………

  38. Crystal


    I never seen a reply regarding The Barn flyer. I don’t think there is one, but the front page of The Barn flyer is more often than not different from Dominion, A&P, and Ultramart. I hate checking the Dominion flyer and seeing a great sale, going to The Barn and they don’t have nearly a great of deal. If there is no on-line flyer for The Barn, I wonder why that is?



  39. Peter

    When I click on Shoppers Drug flyer it shows me one dated January. I guess we’re not doing updates anymore. Site abandonment?

  40. Lainie

    Hi. I love your site! I found it so helpful when I was out of town and I would ask my son to go shopping for me! Would it please be possible to add the Esposito food chain in Montreal, Quebec to your list? Thank you so much!

  41. MIU

    Desperately trying to find the Giant Tiger Flyer online.

    I signed up for newsletters several times on the Giant Tiger website:

    http://www.gianttiger.com but I can’t seem to ever get them AND I haven’t been able to find the flyers at that website either!

    They show and speak about different products they carry on the site bbut no flyer and no mention of anything that happens to be on “slae” or special promotion for the current week.

  42. Micheline

    Sorry, was so happy to be able to give you the address that I completely forgot to thank you for all you have done.

    I really appreciate having all the circulars in one place

    A very BIG thank you


  43. John

    This is one of my favourite stores. They carry tools, trailer, farm & industrial supplies, and some surplus electronic and automotive items.

  44. lorraine millette

    hi , The person that was looking for a SUPER C in Quebec , {but where in quebec??} there is one in hull in front of the LAC LEMAY CASINO. one in VIMONT LAVAL.they are all over

  45. Faye

    Thank you for your time & trouble making this list available. Our flyers come in the mail and with our bi-weekly local newspaper and are not always available at the time I make my grocery list. This site is also very helpful when we are traveling to other places, I love bargains!! Keep up the good work.

  46. emily

    hey just ownderin if you can post the jysk flyer only jysk store i know about is in london ontario but they got great stuuf

  47. Cynthia

    Hi! I wanted to thank you so much for your website, it is very helpful! I’m so glad I found it.
    Sincerely, Cynthia

  48. anna

    thanks so much for this site!!!..it saves me from my weekly trips to costco just to see what their sales/coupons are for that week!!…

    i cant even tell you how much time you’ve saved for me from having to type in different websites for each store, and trying to locate the FLYER button, and then racking my brain for the stores flyers i havent checked..so thanks so much!!

  49. Canadiancook

    ADONIS supermarkets in and around Montreal, Quebec, Canada………. woo hoo………the best and freshest produce at amazing prices!!!

  50. Casey


    I didn’t see a The Bargain Shop flyer or Hart flyer for the Durham Region in Ontario

    Thanks, keep up the good work

  51. mary

    great sight! Very informative. Yes and lets not forget enviro friendly!! See if you could add Fiesta Farms on Christie & Shaw st in Toronto. Great supermarket carries plenty of organic and green minded products.

  52. Sam

    I’m ynable to view the following flyers,
    Zehrs, No Frills, Sobeys, and Shoppers Drug Mart.

  53. saeeda

    please enter the payless shoes flyer and aldo if possible.thanks for these flyers.

  54. Maureen

    Thank you for your dedication to this site. It saves me time each week and saves trees as I don’t take flyers in my mailbox because the links tothese flyers are so readily available here.

    God Bless You!

  55. Jane

    Thank you for this!
    i noticed that Source (the old Radio shack) is not on the list.

  56. kathy ansara

    I live at 9th and Beaubien in Rosemont, and would like to know why I do not receive the Inter marche or IGA flyers at my house. These 2 stores are very close by and I shop there but I really would like to have the flyers on Wednesday as I wait for them to do my groceries etc. Thanks you for the great service I get from you each week as these flyers save me a great deal of money.

  57. Annie

    This is an awesome site. there is flyer for Price Choppers…but don’t think it is for the maritime provinces…would it be possible to add it on line. Much thanks for all the word you have put into this much appreciated site!

  58. sweetheart

    Hi there! I came across your site and think it’s wonderful!
    It saves time and money not to mention trees! I live out of town and sometimes don’t get all the flyers in the publisac which is very frustrating expecially in the summer time when the tourists are here if I can get a publisac at all. Sometimes when I get the publisac some sales are over,some are just starting and even some are missing.What a hasel. I was wondering if you can find the flyer for the grocery store close by where I live in Val des Bois,Quebec the {Marche Richelieu} and in Notre dame de La Salette,Quebec {Axep} it would be a great help to me. Thank you sooooo much!

  59. Debbie Whynot

    What a fantastic web site. Thank you for your hard work for everyone else to benefit from. I was wondering if there was a Price Choppers Flyer for Atlantic Canada…especially Nova Scotia. The one currently on the site does not seem to be valid in our area. Any help on this would be much appreiated. Thanks again…a job very well done!

  60. pun~kin

    Thanks Boo for putting this together for us. I have had such a hard time trying to view all of the flyers on my own. This new site is awesome!!! :-)

  61. Alex

    In Wuhan, some black-hearted factory bosses use children as labor to squeeze extreme profits; some of these children toiling day and night for them, shedding countless tears of suffering and hardship.

    Carrying the concerns of city residents, “Wang Haofeng Focus” [an independent reporter/photographer] from late September until early October, directed investigations across the Wuhan region focusing on the numerous innocent-faced workers laboring long hours in factories (they are distributed across clothing factories/printing factories/textile factories/zipper factories/etc). In order to speed up production, black-hearted bosses use them like ‘robots’, letting them rest only 6 hours per day, some only get off work at 4 in the morning; Because of serious lack of sleep, some had their fingers “bitten” by machines during production; those who made mistakes during production, are blamed and scolded by the boss; It’s 2 am in the morning, only to find these tired and beaten kids on the side of the road buying “shaobing” [a Chinese sesame bread] for a late-night snack.

    To view click below:


  62. Danielle Sullivan

    Can you please input the flyers from harts stores. It must be a part of a chain store which I’m not sure of.

    Thank you,

  63. Carol foster

    It’s currenlty -26 degrees outside right now and my flyers have not been delivered. I came upon your website by accident and can’t thank you enough for putting it to-gether. What a help it is!

  64. sherry

    Love this site.
    come here every week, instead of waiting for the paper (which almost always has something missing)

    How about a flyer for The Bargain! Shop

    opened up in Penetang just before Christmas


  65. Jon & Shari Winters

    Hi…great job…saves us Seniors from running around to get applicable flyers…THANK-YOU !!!!

  66. Jon & Shari Winters

    Hi…We would like to se “The Bargain Shop” they have a number of stores here in Alberta.

  67. Alex


    Wal-Mart closing Ontario Sam’s Club stores


    From Friday’s Globe and Mail

    February 26, 2009 at 9:52 PM EST

    Wal-Mart Canada Corp. [WMT-N] is revoking Ontario’s membership in Sam’s Club.

    The Canadian arm of international retailer Wal-Mart Stores Inc. yesterday announced plans to close its six Ontario Sam’s Club locations, as the company shifts its focus to expanding and increasing the number of Wal-Mart Supercentre locations.

    As part of that strategy, the company unveiled plans to launch 26 new Supercentres across the country this year – including expansions of 20 existing Wal-Marts, two relocations and four new stores, bringing its Canadian footprint to 316 stores by the end of 2009.

    “Despite our best efforts and the commendable work of our Sam’s Club associates, our six clubs have not met our expectations,” Wal-Mart Canada president and chief executive officer David Cheesewright said in a statement.

    Home improvement giant Lowe’s Cos. Inc. is in discussions to purchase five of the six Sam’s Clubs sites. A spokeswoman for the North Carolina chain said it is evaluating those sites as well as several others in Canada.

    About 1,200 Sam’s Club employees will lose their jobs as a result of the Ontario closings, which include stores in four locations in the Greater Toronto Area (Pickering, Etobicoke, Richmond Hill and Vaughan) as well as outlets in London, and Cambridge, the only one not in Lowe’s sights.

    The company plans to hold a series of internal job fairs to try to place the employees at some of its nearby existing Wal-Marts.

    “We’re very optimistic that we’ll be able to connect them to job opportunities in those stores in the short term, and then the Supercentres, when they come on line, will create a whole host of job opportunities for people,” said Wal-Mart Canada vice-president of corporate affairs Andrew Pelletier.

    Arkansas-based Wal-Mart introduced the first of its members-only Sam’s Clubs – which tended to include a focus on higher-end merchandise and big-ticket items such as furniture and appliances – in 2003, but was unable to gain serious traction against its chief competitor, Costco Wholesale Corp.

    “I think it’s probably been a decision in the offing for some time [for Wal-Mart] and it may be a sign that the company has found success with its Supercentre expansion that it believes should push in that direction, and call it a day on a failed enterprise with Sam’s Club,” said David Hartley, a retail analyst at BMO Nesbitt Burns.

    Wal-Mart operates Sam’s Clubs throughout the United States, and also in Mexico, Brazil, Puerto Rico and China, but Mr. Pelletier declined to comment on why Canadians failed to embrace the format.

    “We all know that retail is a constantly evolving business and this is more a matter of us wanting to focus our business on where the most success and the most customer response is,” Mr. Pelletier said. “And that is clearly on growing our food business and the overall Supercentre format.”

    Wal-Mart expects its Supercentre expansions to create 5,000 new store jobs as well as 5,000 construction jobs.

  68. jane

    could you please have the flyers on line by Thursday at 5pm as some of us like to ship early Friday am. When you open up the page it would be great to know that they are this weeks flyers not last


    Great site – all flyers in one handy place. I use this site all the time.

  70. Doreen

    Many have been looking for The Bargain Shop in Canada.
    I sent you the link before but it was not added for some reason.
    It is changed a little better now. You just have to put in your postal code to get your area. Hope this will help.
    I can get you also PharaSave if you want it as well.

  71. Jon & Shari

    Hi…we are in Edmonton…have not been able to open & view the Real Canadian Superstore Flyer for weeks…wondering why?

  72. Joan

    Have a hard time trying to find the Loblaws Quebec flyer. Everytime it says select a Province, there is only an Ontario choice. Can this be fixed please.

    Thank you

  73. meems

    Anyone know if there is a service that will analyze these flyers and let us know which are the really hot deals in each?

  74. Bruce

    Do you know that many links on this site can not be accessed Like Nofrils, Zehrs, canadian Superstore, Zellers, ….

    How come nobody care about this ?

  75. Fishing

    I observed your blog for quite a long time and should tell that your posts always show to be of a substantial value and excellent for viewers.

  76. Amanda

    I am looking for a Tepperman’s Flyer, London Ontario. Do not know if they put theirs online.

  77. John

    June 25- the link to Safeway Canada just hooked me up with the Safeway in Hawaii. I know that the stores in BC have had pineapples on sale recently, but…
    Seriously, nice work on the site. I’ll be using it all the time now that I’ve found it. And the user comments have been most helpful.

  78. Bart Shindle

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  79. Evelina Decook

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  80. Maggie Byrt

    your Safeway Canadian Flier take me to a US site-should go to safeway.ca.

  81. Lea

    Hi, can you add the inter-marche (4 freres) flyer for Montreal please?

    great site btw very helpful!

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  86. Trent

    The first flyer is not A&B Sound
    “note: We are not to be confused with the former Vancouver, British Columbia retailer A&B Sound. We are a completely different music retailer. Online retail is powered and facilitated by amazon”

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  88. Tanesha

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