Canadian Freebies: Coupon for Free Pack of Werthers Candy *UPDATE*

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Sign up here for a coupon for a free pack of 146g or 158g Werther’s Original candy.  *Limited number available go quick*

Thanks for letting us know GypsyGirl

UPDATE: Many people who signed up for this have received a spam looking email asking for their postal code etc – you may want to wait for a response from Werther’s before replying.  They have confirmed it is from them and you can reply to the info@ email address if you are worried about the other one


  1. Warmarktim

    Did I read the terms correct. They get to use any personal information we give them any way they want for as long as they want. Not sure if I want to give anyone that type of authority

  2. Ann_88

    Just to let you know, its a buy 2 get 1 free offer
    (read it in the terms and conditions)

    • FallenPixels

      Not much they can do with just a postal code anyway, just better to be safe and not reply

  3. leanne

    I recieved the email too and it asks for your full name first and last also asks for your full address city and province looks very suspcious

  4. Dm

    All this is so they can send us junk mail the old fashion way in the mail with all the spam blockers we have they cant get to us .

  5. Isabella

    I got that weird email this morning too…it looks sketchy, and the coupon’s not worth it, so I’m not replying unless Werther’s says it was them. :S

  6. Insane

    Crap. I got the email and responded. After I clicked send I realized the “reply” address wasn’t the same as the “from” address. Usually I know better. Darn it.

  7. Isabella

    Because I saw on FB that Werther’s was saying they did send the email (as Annatree said above), I did reply with my postal code in the email but I didn’t use the weird reply link (it was really long and scrambled) – I just emailed it to [email protected]. But my email just has the info listed as “contact name” “contact address” so I don’t know if that means they actually have my info or not…maybe that’s what the personal reply link was for?

  8. Ron

    Yes it getting worst all the time when it comes to coupons. There is always a catch now. Hardly worth the while.


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