1. atyoung

    Just ordered mine, thanks SC!!
    I usually don’t make it in time for these limited supplies giveaways, so I’m glad I kept my computer on and checked back just in time to find this deal. :-)

  2. Buskieboy

    As usual, “Free Gum” offers usually end in tears. The measly offer of “20,000” packs ends in minutes. The problem I have is, why can’t they say it’s over instead of wasting our time looking all over for it, or clicking a dead link that only takes you to the same page? I feel like one of those monkeys being tested by pushing buttons etc.
    After this “freebie” and the nightmare of the old “Stride” offer a while back, I’ll NEVER respond to another ‘free gum offer” ever again. Waste of time.


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