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Check Your Mail For $15 Off $50 Old Navy Coupon & Maternity Day Feb 13

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I received some mail from Old Navy today advertising a KIDtacular sale from Feb 7-20th, save 40% off kids, baby and maternity online and in-store plus a special in-store maternity event on February 13th.

On top of that, inside, they have a card that you can use for $15 off when you spend $50 or more online or in-store during the promo.

So watch your mail, it pays to check your ‘junkmail’ even if it looks like the sale does not appeal to you

Update: some information about the maternity in-store special on Feb 13th.  The deals will vary by location so check with your local store for details



  1. nicolthepickle

    Thanks Fallen Pixels. I hope I get this. Have you ordered from them online before?
    I’m pretty far away from any Old Navy’s. But I was looking at some kids stuff online.
    If it’s a code and anyone has one. I’d love it.

    • FallenPixels

      They sent them by mail, my friend got a different one than I did so they are likely unique


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